NYS reduction in penalties bill

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    This is the extent of information i have been able to find on the topic. But what does it really mean? Am i not going to risk get arrested simply by having weed anymore? NY tokers, Talk it Up
  2. BUMP how does nobody else care about this?
  3. As long as you don't have more then 25 grams of marijuana, you wont be arrested. Carry more then that and its a serious crime which will result in you getting arrested.
  4. woooooooot woooooot ! now we just need mmj:smoke:
  5. from what I understand you just cant have it visible. these laws are too open to interpretation IMO. Its good to see progress though.
  6. i live in NYC and i have seen ppl get arrested with less than a gram so i still would be worried when in public and having weed on me
  7. ^ it sounded like the main area of effect was NYC. They mentioned that nypd does arrest ppl unnecessaryly because of a loophole, this is closing that loophole i think. But idc its at least a step in the right direction, putting these issues in the public eye is a good idea no matter what
  8. This is wonderful news!

    This is what it means to me, that Albany is willing to work w/ marijuana! In other words they are open to it, if they didn't care about mj users at all they wouldn't bother w/ this law. Either that or they're solely tired of the $$$ wasted in these arrest.

    Here's another link on the story: Bi-Partisan Legislation Could Put an End to New York's Costly Marijuana Arrest Crusade | Drugs | AlterNet

    Folks, I also believe this is a step in the right direction for mmj users. My prediction is still that we will have mmj within a year! The tides are turning.:D:smoke:
  9. If you think how fucked this actually is that they need to pass a bill just so Police enforce the law correctly as they should have all along.
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    this needs to happen, far too long have LEO's been abusing this loosely written law

    this won't help MMJ unless you guys can brainwash governor cuomo

    pisses me off hes pushing gay rights but hes against MMJ
  11. well then we just gotta wait for his term to end ans make sure the next guy is a supporter. I'm all about patience if it'll be worth it in the end
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    Yeah uhh

    about that...

    Cuomo could be here for a while...

    papa mario loved building prisons and hated marijuana so I think we're screwed as long as a cuomo is in office

  13. thtas what i'm saying hes gotta be voted out ASAP

  14. i dont get why he hates weed, i mean i do but i dont

    hes democrat

    hes pro gay rights

    i mean

  15. Not everyone is enlightened, hoping the best that this law gets passed for you New Yorkers. RI had a decriminalization law in the works and it was shot down.

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