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NYS DDP question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mattylo, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. hello all, tommrow for the first time ever in my life i will be attending the NYS DDP Programs (drinking driving program) im not getting into the details but more so focus on my question at hand....they claim to do a drug screening at this program in preparation for this ive quit for about 3 weeks went to the gym took at home the question

    does anyone know if this drug screening will be a one time shot? or is this randomly continuous throught the program. im due for some token but im not risking it so i wanted to see if any other new yorkers have been to this program and can help inform me more. Its a 7 week program once a week so if i stayed clean thats and overall 2 months and 2 weeks of not smoking....which is fine if i HAVE to but id prefer not....any insight or people attend this before?
  2. To be honest if I were you I wouldn't smoke get your shit squared away with the booze issue and then blaze once your program is over NYS is very strict about drinking related incidents. I assume you were drinking and driving which dude isn't smart but it's not my concern and if i am wrong I apologize
  3. no i enjoy the value of life ...long story short i was tryn bone the girl was sober i told her to pull over in a parking lot cause she was lost and i had to pee so i got out told her when i come back ill show her the way outta here well she forgot she brought a beer in the car i didnt know cause i was wasted and cops caught me peeing in public she got outta the driver seat when she saw the beer and left the car running i got slammed with the b.s

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