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  1. is it possible to have a dxm trip from taking nyquil? anyone ever do it?
  2. I wouldn't do it. You might go to sleep with that much nyquil and never wake up
  3. Nyquil has too much other shit in it.
  4. dont do it.
    There too many other chems in it.
  5. Sadly no.
    Not from my experience with it atleast.

    It just makes you realllllly want to go to sleep.
  6. what about dayquil?

  7. lol dude look at the bottle

    if there is anything but dxm in the active ingredients list than dont take it.

    pretty simple.
  8. nyquil has sooooo much shit in it its like the worst dxm drug to trip on
  9. The acetaminophen would do some serious damage to your liver at the dose you would need to take to get enough DXM and the doxylamine would put you to sleep before you even started feeling it.

    Do not do it. Under any circumstances.

  10. i dont know how people dont know this by now
  11. I second that. It's not that hard of a concept...

    nothing but dxm...safe.

    other active ingredients...not safe.

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