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  1. yo i herd shit how u can trip n shit off this kuz it has dexm in it.....how much should u take to get fucked, kuz im stayin home from school and i got no bud, mite as well do this........also is it called like dexomorphan or sumtun?
  2. I just tried it over the weekend, had a god damn siezure on that shit... first siezure of my life... and it was a bad one. Not to mention I puked like a mother fucker... and this was just one 4 oz bottle (small bottle). fuck that shit.
  3. ya not worth it...def do not drink that shit for recreational purposes.

    That stuff may make you trip...yet the chance of gettting hurt from doing this is very high. Almost everyone who does this has a bad trip and like weslee said, it will probably make you have a siezure.

    I was actually recently at a concert, and this girl by me had a boittle and a hhalf of robitussin. She passed out, went to the hospital, and heard she was just so fucked up from. (not tripping, but physically, her body suffered a lot)
  4. legit, i dont know you man...but dont do that shit. seriously, if u need bud, ill get u some. Dont do that shit.
  5. there are some people here that do it and a lot of my little brother's friends do it. look up DXM on www.erowid.org to find out about it. If you decide to do it, just make sure that you get good stuff without other drugs in it, too. Things like coricidin have other shit in it that can hurt you when you take too much. Somewhere on erowid there's a list of all the things with dex in it.
  6. I did DXM and loved it. I would love to experiance it again but that damn syrup is a bitch especially since Im not good at taking shit I dont like. But anyway I had a great time. I did 354 mg (one 4 oz bottle) and I experienced bullet time (you know like Max Payne) it was awesome. I also felt very strong and just overall euphoria. I say its worth it to check it out. But make sure you get the syrup with only Dextromorphan or whatever as an active ingredient. Make sure it has nothing else or you could beomce quite nauseus. I had no problems with nausea what so ever but was probably due to the fact I smoked a joint about 10 minutes after drinking the syrup. Be sure to check out Erowid.org before you do any drug. Be safe and know what you are doing to your body. Peace
  7. dude, my friend ryan shot down a bottle of nyquil or robitussin and he ran around chasing my friend joey with a metal pole as a spear screaming "IM HUNTIN MAH WILD PIGS!!!!" he also thought satan was in the stove top fire. He had fun i guess. i sure had a fun time watchin it. i wouldnt do it just cuz that shit wold make me puke.. post it if anyone has a story like that
  8. "I did 354 mg (one 4 oz bottle) and I experienced bullet time (you know like Max Payne) it was awesome"

    haha same thing happened to me. I straight chugged a 4 oz bottle and 30 minutes later while we were driving on windy ass roads I would look out the window and see everything fly by, and then turn to my friend sitting next to me... everything would just slow waaaay down. There were some fun parts to it, for example I was at this kids house that night and he had some duck thing hanging from a door knob in the kitchen, well all of the sudden it started dancing... insane.

    Unfortunately the siezure thing ruined the entire trip. Plus right after the car ride, when we arrived at the kids house, I got out and had the most crucial throw up of my life. I just couldn't stop, and it felt like my stomache was about to come up my throat. I wouldn't recommend it... and it has made me think twice about doing acid... I'm going to stick to natural drugs (weed and shrooms).
  9. yea welll i don think im gonna do it....i only really smoke weed beside the occasional nitris and i did shrooms once...i jus stick to the green, i guess ill jus have to drink 2day !!

  10. where did you hear this?
  11. my suggestion would be that if you wanna try dxm, and don't want to drink the syrup, either buy robo gel caps, or sucrets... gel caps have 15mg of dxm in them, and sucrets have 10mg and are cough drops... i like the sucrets because i can't see myself poppin like 20 pills at one time, and with the cough drops you can just work your way up to the level you want... becuase it comes on gradually with every cough drop you eat, i've never eating enough sucrets to trip, but i ate about 22 and got FUCKED UP. It's up to yuo, but i'd either go with the gel caps, or sucrets.
  12. If you do it, get Robotussin Max Strength Cough. Might want to try doing the extraction too. I've drank the stuff, had fun I guess, but I threw up cause of it.
  13. I took fucking 300mg of dxm from 20 goddamn pills and i didnt trip at all, i felt perfectly fine. Gelcaps suck, robo maxstreangth cough syrups grrrreat...
  14. Hey grassroots, did you end up trying it again? If so, how was it?

    Ive done it a couple of times and I have some suggestions:

    -try to stay away from cars when you're on it. For some reason, driving around can trigger severe nausea/puking and generally makes it less enjoyable. Both me and everyone I have done it with agrees.

    -DO THE EXTRACTION! http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/dxm/faq/dxm_chemistry.shtml#toc.11 Its the "agent lemon" process. Ever since I found how to do it, DXM has become sooo much better. No more syrup for me. Its really not that hard, and it is a much much more enjoyable trip. I usually make enough for me and a couple friends each time. You can basically take an entire 8oz bottle of syrup into like 2 shots...

    -Neither me nor my tripping buddies have ever had an all-out seizure, occasionaly you get a little twitch in your leg or something, Ive only gotten it once while driving in a car, nothing serious at all.

    -As far as bad trips go, Ive only had one, when I puked. That was with syrup. Never had anything close to a bad trip with extraced DXM, actually every time has been very good.

    -I recommend group tripping. When you do it, do it with a couple of buddies. Its really fun when everyones messed up, you can have some fucked up conversations. Ive only done it alone once, and it was still pretty fun, but I prefer doing it with friends.

    Well, shit, Ive written quite a bit, hope this helps.

  15. hahaha, funniest statment i've heard in awhile cuz i took 40 n smoked, ended up talkin to jesus. it was sweet.
  16. ok i never did this shit but how many ml's should i take....i got sum bud 2maro but how many ml's should i take kuz i got a ml cup thingy.....i jus wanna trip a lil bit, not like fully trip...if tha makes sense
    ml= millileter
  17. If its a 4 oz bottle and its full drink it all. If its 4 oz and somes gone drink it all. If its 8 oz drink half ect.. Smoke bud about 10-15 minutes after u drink helps nausea GREATLY. After I was done smokin a spliff I couldnt walk it felt like I killed a bottle of JD it was intense. No coordination at all. Also im glad to see someone else had bullet time, I thought it was a one time thing but maybe it can happen again :)
    Oh and also from my experience gel caps make you vomit. Take them within 30 mins to 45 mins like 1 every 2 minutes and have bud just incase.
  18. Hey LegitBalleer, how strong is the syrup? If its 15mg DXM/teaspoon, that means its 3mg/ml. So just do the math. If you want to do 200mg, divide 200 by 3, thats how many ml you need to drink. If you want to do 300, divide 300 by 3. I dunno how much you weigh, but 250-300 would be a good 1st trip if you're somewhere around 150 pounds or so.
  19. fear- im like 5 foot 8 and i weigh 145.....i got 30 ml of nyquil with 15mg of dxm and then i also have some robotussin thats 15 mg.....

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