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Nyquil Cold Water Extraction

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by The Mann, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. Can I extract DXM HBr from Nyquil (actually Eckerd Night Time) the same way you extract DXM Polistirex from Delsym?

    I found a bottle of Delsym and a bottle of generic Nyquil. I am going to do a CWE on them tonight. I will post results.
  2. Using nyquil would be a bad idea since it has more active ingrediants than delsyum which is just DXM. And something tells me it just wouldn't work since its not polistirex
  3. But wouldn't the extraction get pure DXM?
  4. never herd of a cold water extraction on nyquil...the only time i feel its necessary to do a CWE is if i have some vicodin with a lot of tylenol in em
  5. sorry to go off topic but how do you do ^^^?

    i have a few from when i had my wisdom teeth pulled and it has a lot of tylenol
  6. Nyquil has alot of Acetaminophen, and I want to get that out.
  7. Just don't fuck with the nyquil period. I'm pretty sure it also has a antihistamine in there as well and again I'll say this won't work with DXM Hbr.

  8. oh yea, my bad dude...i feel stupid now...but yeah dude theres products with just dxm...why not just get that?
  9. I do. I have a bottle of Delsym, pure DXM. I just wanted more DXM. I guess I shouldn't be greedy. Thanks for the help.
  10. The DXM in Nyquil isnt polistiriex coated, and wont sink in the mixture. So it probably wont work.
  11. the ONLY product you can do a CWE on is delsym or a generic delsym that has DXM polysteirex in it. the dxm polysteriex will sink to the bottom when you mix the syrup with water.

    if you want to do an extraction with robitussen or other cough syrups that have ONLY dxm as an active ingredient (not nyquil, it has too many other active ingredients like pseudoephidrine and apap ect) is using solvents. it's hard to do, and messy and a real PITA if you don't have basic lab equipment.

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