NYPD Random Searches

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    So I don't know how much non-NYC's know about this, but basically, the NYPD sets up these random search stations in the subway. They check your bag but I don't think they pat you down. Its been going on since after the 2005 London bombings and its still fucking going on. At first it actually seemed like it was meant to prevent terrorism by all the blatant racial profiling. But the other day my friends, a 21 year old korean girl, told me she got searched at one of these stations.

    WHAT THE FUCK. I'm in no way shape or form supporting racial profiling, but really? A fucking korean girl is gonna blow up the fucking subway? This is just so out of hand. More than 5 years later and they're still keeping up with this bullshit.

    I just want to know, has anyone been randomly searched at one of these stations? Please describe yourself with some detail (age, height, race, etc). Has anyone shown any degree of resistance? Goddamn I fucking hate the cops
  2. Ive gotten stopped at those a couple times...one time I had bud with me and I saw the stand coming up so I walked up to the table and acted all relieved like "thank god I found someone, can you guys tell me how to get 43rd st???"

    got right through haha

  3. lmfaooo nice! what do you look like if you don't mide me asking?
  4. fyi they dont fuck around either, there usually strapped with m16s and have a dog
  5. Terrorist groups did threaten to attack the subways, and many other places, in NYC. I don't know if those are bomb-sniffing dogs in Manhattan, but I've never seen any dogs at the bag search tables in Brooklyn stations. Anyone that has a bomb, and sees the cops, would go to another station or abort the mission until the coast is clear.

  6. exactly. so the point of these searches is what?
  7. I've been a victim of stop-and-frisk numerous times on the street but I have never once been stopped at one of those tables they set up.

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