NYPD marks OWS anniversary with violent crackdown, mass arrests (PHOTOS)

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    Reported by RT, OWS protesters have returned to NYC's Zuccotti park to continue their protests even setting up tents again but NYPD was ready for them and evicted said protesters from the park. Nothing really new here to report, there are reports of police brutality and restricting journalists from reporting. The police have threatened to arrest everyone, journalist, vendors, protesters, anyone if they do not leave.

    NYPD marks OWS anniversary with violent crackdown, mass arrests (PHOTOS)





    Pictures of the OWS rally
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    Okay, while I don't think the occupy movement was doing anything bad by camping out there.. I saw some of the interviews with Occupy movement members, and they just seemed like complete bafoons that had no clue why they were there.. they all gave generic answers like.. "because of the banks" etc. .

    Also, in my city there were Occupy protestors camping out at city hall, so I went over to their "main tent", and asked them why they were camping out. Their first response was also.. "because of the banks" and when I asked for an explanation it was some generic argument about how the banks take away from the poor man.. nothing that I hadn't heard a million times before, most of the time by people who said it because it was popular.

    When I went to Amsterdam with some friends I saw the larger occupy movement and I went into the main tent and tried to ask why they were there and someone shooed me out! So.. this is why I'm not the biggest supporter of the Occupy movement.. Care to convince me?

    EDIT: Listen to this comment that was underneath the article in your link..

    Give me a fucking break.. "if you sit in a wheelchair or have some sort of chronic illness it will make us look much better".. wtf..

    Oh yeah and where did you get the second to last picture, I didn't see it in the pictures on the website.
  3. The whole point of the occupy movement is to get attention to the bullshit the cops do and the bullshit our government gets away with. So a generic response like "because of the banks" is perfectly reasonable. The people who participate don't need any specific facts because most of us all know the same shit. We all know governments are corrupt and they tread all over us. The point of the protests is to make it obvious to the sheeple and faux newsers that what our government is doing is not right.

    I have a family member who believes that the patriot act is a good thing. I can't even imagine what she would say about the NDAA. I have argued with this person forever and these people DO NOT UNDERSTAND BASIC LOGIC. You have to reach the sheeple with protests and examples of police brutality and corrupt government. Logic won't wake up the sheeple.

    pathos ethos logos ethos pathos.
  4. Say what you will about these protests but they are essentially right, and thats exposing corruption as best they can and making waves. We reconize the Banksters and Wall st and the Govt are robbing people left and right while they make sure they are above the law. Its no wonder that you never ever see white collar criminals go to jail or reported in the MSM (unless someone is set up to an example, ie Madoff). You think these protesters are vile? If only you could hang out with the Money Bags that run this place, then you would know what vile really is.

    Oh and which pic? This one?

    Occupy Wall Street marks six-month anniversary with a half-dozen arrests  - NY Daily News
  5. My problem with OWS is they don't know what they are talking about. Their hearts are in the right place but their heads are stuck up there ass. A lot of them also seem pretty out there. Maybe that is just what I have seen (def how the media paints them). They it seems most of them are the same as the rest of the sheeple. They want more gov to fix the problems the gov. created. I have seen a few vids of ppl at OWS that know whats up. Most are like the guys debating schiff.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahMGoB01qiA&feature=related]Peter Schiff at Occupy Wall Street: Full Version, Almost 2 Hours Long! - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Many Obama, Santorum, and Romeny supporters don't know what they're talking about either but that doesn't stop them from doing what it is they do.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_JJLLfTR8I]Idiots who voted for Obama - YouTube[/ame]
  7. Some individuals and companies are crooked, and the rules often favor the biggest financial corporations, but I've done rather well with investments. Most people lose money in the markets because of their ignorance of financial matters. If somebody with no experience or athletic training runs into the middle of a college football game, without at least a helmet and shoulder pads, they're going to get hurt - the same is true with finance. We need to educate people about money from an early age, before they make costly mistakes.

    When somebody buys a house with no down payment, because the banks have been forced to give mortgages to unqualified people, don't blame the banks when it's foreclosed - the laws were changed to allow everybody to buy a home, regardless of their ability to pay for it. There's cases where injustices have occurred, but most of the time it's the home buyers' fault and due to the banks being prevented from refusing mortgages to unqualified people.
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    I never said that they were wrong at base. The impression I got is that some people are there because it means something to them and others are just freeloaders/people who follow the crowd. I didn't exactly get a warm reception in Amsterdam at the Occupy movement when I asked a simple question that would seem logical to answer if your trying to protest and get word out about something.

    Then again people in Holland don't have that much to complain about if you compare to other countries like America. Police corruption is much lower here, crime rates, most things are statistically much lower than in the states. I know a lot of stuff goes unreported though because in the area I live half the shit that goes down never comes up in the media or anything, even with that its still much lower.. as far as violent crime goes.

    Not to mention the fact that the police don't have anywhere near the amount of power that they do in the states. Here they're not even allowed to shoot unless your shooting or aiming a gun at them, and if your just aiming it at them they still have to fire a warning shot.

  9. In the United States, unless I'm mistaken, when a cop fires a gun it's always meant to kill - no warning shots, shot in the leg, etc. I don't understand the part where you said that "they still have to fire a warning shot".

    Most police officers in America, during the course of their LE career, contrary to popular belief, never fire their weapons at anybody.

  10. Well, what I meant is if they feel the need to shoot they always need to fire a warning shot. I was just using it as an example of the difference in the amount of power between american cops and dutch.
  11. I'd fire a warning shot, right between the eyes, lol.

    It's a complicated issue, there's more about it here: The Pros & Cons of Warning Shots and Signal Shots
  12. Congrats, you can survive in a flawed system. No shit, a lot of people can and do exactly what you do. That however isn't what the problem is. The problem is that the system is flawed to begin with.

    I work within the current system and live a life that is somewhat luxurious by most standards, but again that's not what this is about.

    I've(We've) been sitting around watching people suffer and die unnecessarily for far to long. If you have any empathy and you know the difference between right and wrong it's not even question whether or not you support OWS and the countless movements around the world just like it.

    I still don't understand you Garrison, what exactly are you fighting?
  13. i think most people in OWS are angry about the way things are going...but they don't know who to blame because they don't know enough about economics and/or how the government ties into it all.

    the anger is there....they just don't know where to direct that anger.
  14. actually...we're protesting everything because honestly now a days corruption is pretty easy to come by

    the only real blame goes to the person in the mirror

    WE let it get this bad and WE will have no choice but to fix it
  15. Corruption comes from the power, aka the gov.
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    I'm not currently fighting anything, but if Occupy Wall Street has better solutions they certainly have strange ways of showing it. Your oblique references to moral justices ("right and wrong") doesn't excuse a movement of people harassing ordinary citizens who have to go to work, live, and otherwise survive in New York City, and other places. As I said before, there's far less noxious factions of this group elsewhere, such as Newark who, unlike Occupy Wall Street in Manhattan, have behaved decently and earned respect from parts of their surrounding communities. Coming to NYC and cursing at the cops, destroying public and private property, running through the streets in a mob, demonstrating and marching without permits, etc., are activites that accomplish nothing other than cause loss of support for this movement, which HAS certainly happened according to the nationwide polls.

  17. haha well I think just the fact that its in their protocol makes them more careful not to "shoot first and ask questions later".
  18. Now if this caught the attention that kony crap did it might actually make an impact, instead of just getting kids arrested and beaten. but it should be done every month increasing a day each time (may 1st 1 day, april 1st 2 days and so on) until something gives.


    Spring is Coming. | Occupy May 1st General Strike


    There is no better way to protest than to simply stay home NON-PARTICIPATION. If the economy is what you seek to change then DON'T USE IT!
  19. Haha I love our police

    "nah you can't go in there for safety reasons"

    "oh yeah? What's unsafe?"

    ".............. You having your civil rights"

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