NYPD Ex-Commish Shouted Off Stage At Brown Univ.

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    Ray Kelly, former Police Commissioner of New York City, was booed, heckled, and shouted off stage in Oct. 2013, by students at Brown University, due to accusations that the NYPD has racist policies regarding the treatment of minorities and Muslims. The students should have allowed him to speak, and answer their questions, rather than reacting like a mob.

    Edit: The current NYC police commissioner, William Bratton, was appointed by Mayor Bill De Blasio recently.

  2. just because the fire was supposed to be removed doesn't mean the kettle isn't hot and still boiling over.
    politicians, career politicians, cops, career cops, knew and allowed tyranny by being silent or ignoring their options to act and put an end to misdeeds in their ranks...they did nothing then, so they are not trusted now...i.e..you sleep in the bed you made.
  3. Kelly's been comish since at least 02 but anyone who's lived in the city since the 90s can attest to the fact that the city was an absolute shit show before he got there. Although NYPD's policy may be a little more prejudice towards minority's it really does help keep guns out of the hands of some lunatics.
  4. It's about damn time people started verbally standing up to these pigs. That story makes me smile on the inside. I've never heard one good thing about the NYPD. Nothing but corrupt swine.
  5. Well, here's something good thing to say about the NYPD: The people of the City are safer because they're here - from terrorism, crime and natural occurring disasters.

    On the other hand, I have nothing good to say about the behavior of those obnoxious students in Rhode Island.
  6. WUT? Police don't predict terrorist attacks or natural disasters. And they sure as hell can't prevent them. And if the only way they can randomly prevent crime is by frisking a suspicious character instead of doing real police work that is sad.
  7. I would rather take my chances with the street gangs and so called "terrorists" than trust the other gang that call themselves the NYPD.
  8. And how is it unacceptable and obnoxious to boo a fascist pig off the stage? Oh, that's right, always support authority with unquestioning allegiance. You really are a good little sheep garrison.
  9. Do you actually believe the NYPD is more likely to cause injuries and death to citizens, than terrorists or other criminal activities are?
  10. Umm, fuck yes! I literally do not trust the police as a whole at all. Sure, we can argue that one or two out of a few dozen might actually be good people but as a whole I am more terrified of the police in any state or town than I am of and gang or terrorist. They literally murder and torture people with impunity. There are far more people killed by police every year than have ever been killed by these supposed terrorists that we are all told to fear.
    I agree. :D
    You wonder if "some people" on GC ever read threads like this.
    "Pigs!" -- which I think you used in an earlier post. LOL, I was a teenager during the '60s and that was a common term for cops back then. But they pretty much confined their brutality to blacks and Vietnam war protesters.
    Today, everybody is fair game.
    "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," is true in physics and also politics.
    The law enforcement bureaucracy will someday regret treating citizens (from which they get their pay and bennies) as the enemy.
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    Three thousand people were killed by terrorists on 9/11. In 2012, the NYPD killed 16 people, which was a 78% increase over the previous year. So even at this rate, your chances of being killed by LE in NYC is very low - even if you're a dangerous criminal or lunatic, both of which we have a few of.

    Since there's been no new terrorist disasters in NYC, one can only assume that the NYPD is doing a good job in this regard.

    My biggest concern is that a fairly large percentage of NYC cops are not from the city, and not even residents. I'd rather have cops from NYC, who live here, not those from the suburbs or out of state.
  13. Terrorists and gang bangers have never once actively looked for reasons and tried to kidnap me, lock me in a cage and steal my money let alone on a daily basis. The same can not be said for cops.

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