NYJ vs. NE

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by ReD_LiNe, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Who wins and why? Me being a Jets fan, I naturally am going to pick them. I think the Jets finally have a solid team and coach who isn't afraid to speak his mind and a defense that can compete with anyone as well as a future great at the QB position and a very solid running game with TJ and Washington.
  2. is this a serious question??? new england is gonna rape the jets...bill belichick hates the jets and we WILL run up the score...epscially with the stupid fucking rookie coach whos running his mouth...the jets arent even close to the patriots level...easy win for the pats

    and u guys got a rookie QB...the NE defense is gonna confuse the shit outta him...sanchez will have an awful game tomorrow (pissed i cant see the game...i work a gillette where the patriots play and there is a U2 concert tomorrow and i gotta work it)
  3. Haha, we'll see. I'll come back to this post at 5 p.m. tomorrow.

  4. lol ill be working and probly wont make it back to this thread til monday haha...but i dont mean to sound like a cocky patriots fan...but seriously we will win...sry

    i worked the bills game last week and at the end it was crazy...ive never seen gillette go that crazy (considering half the fans were gona at that point) and ive been working there for a year and a half now
  5. Bellichick & Brady > Jets
  6. What was that again?
  7. ill give it to em, they won, but they didnt embarrass them...haha
    i hate the pats just as much as the next guy, buuuut...they'll be a force to reckon with come the playoffs and the jets will blow like usual come that time. whens the last time they made any noise in the playoffs anyways? i cant even rememeber the last time they were in the postseason
  8. 2006 smart ass.

  9. dude just the fact that the pats lost makes it embarassing as fuck...we played like shit and deserved to lose...the jets didnt win the game, the pats lost it...and there is a difference

    all i gotta say is that there is going to be a serious ass raping when the jets come to NE

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