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  1. so im going to new york tommorow for a field trip (im an art student and our professors want us to go to the met, the moma) and i thought it would be fun as hell to use my vg in the bathroom, as well as make an epic tale. alas, i cant obtain any weed. pretty pissed. its prob for the best though, im going to get stuck spending a lot as it is, and i dont want to get lost haha
  2. You don't wanna give NYC cops a reason to mess with you. If you bumped into one with weed you'd be SOL.
  3. Vigilant is right, don't fuck with NYPD.

    You'll live without it, just smoke when you return with a buddy whos got buddah:hello:
  4. Both of yall giving out wrong advice. Yu could be high and have weed on you without being noticeable. No one is not going to spot you out either. Depending where you are, there will be cops presented. But that the least of your worries, if you look like you up to no good. And weed is easy to get in NYC, if you know where
  5. If you appreciate it for what it is you shouldn't need any other stimuli. You'll only be there for a few hours, make the most of it while you're not high. Finding and using weed on this trip is going to be distracting, at the very least.
  6. yeah if any thing i would blaze before the bus ride haha
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    Oh, wow! I wanna go... I am an artist/art student from time to time and I have studied so much, but we never see enough paintings, and you're going to get to see them LIFE SIZE and everything! I am going to go to NY next summer and check them out for myself (I live in Hawaii). Realize you are seeing history and part of the shaping of society and of our perceptions while you are there.
  8. Yeah, it's fairly hard to get noticed in NYC. You know with the tons of people and all.
  9. make firecrackers, eat em, and then go see some fine art
  10. heres a funny story i just remembered, when i was in high school (last year) a bunch of my friends went on a new york music trip and they went to time square the day of the bomb threat last year. like 30 of my friends would have been killed.

    any ways enjoy your trip! hahaha
  11. dude i've sparked up in day light in central park, no lie. but i was probably just fucking lucky lol.
  12. I spark up everywhere in nyc, smoke it like a cig and be smart about it

  13. lol yea yu are lucky. I got too high on the westside of central in harlem. The people i was smokin with was looking out for the cops. They patrol heavy in there.
  14. How are you supposed to make firecrackers without weed? fail

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