NYC Stoners

Discussion in 'General' started by Jack_Herrer, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. Any in here. NYC rules. except for the rising rent it's pretty frikin' awsome
  2. not in nyc... but a close 45 min too it....

  3. staten island
  4. Long island
  5. more ny'ers then i thought here.... thats cool...:D
  6. Binghamton here, three hours north of NYC.
  7. Im in north babylon where is every1 else?

  8. oppisite shore.....
  9. Manhattan Here
  10. talk about a thread from the dead.... 2003 :eek:

    i'm in manhattan every week just about for work. racking up those airline miles
  11. queens, recently moved from suffolk LI
  12. downtown Manhattan wutup
  13. QueeNz, Jama!kka. WTF iz goodd homiez???:D
  14. Glen Cove , Long Island
  15. I plan on moving to NYC to get a Business Administration Masters Degree in one of the colleges. I loved going there once before.. but I have some questions for you guys:
    1) How hard is it to find a dealer?
    2) Any good places to find the dealers?
    3) Where's a good place to make some new friends?
    4) Any fun stuff to do at night?
    5) Can you smoke in the apartment? How does that work? :p

    I've lived in a small town all my life, and I have no idea how that works :p
  16. Suffolk County whatsss gooood
  17. im from b r o o k l y n whats goin on pot smokers.

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