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  1. Hey, well i desided to start to grow a plant and desided to keep a grow journal. Ill update my progess everyday and take picutes hopefully every 3 days or so. And if anyone has any helpful advise, comments, questions, or anything plz post it. :-D
  2. DAY 1: I took one seed and put it in between 2 moist paper towels then i put the paper towels with the seed in a small plastic conteiner and put it in a warm dark spot. Then i got my soil ready i put NK Florist Supplies : Potting soil ( which has a combination of selected peat humus, sand, canadian sphagnum peat moss and perlite ) in a 6x6x5 clay pot. and made a small hole that is 1/4 an inch deep for the seed when ready. The lighting i have ready for now intill the plant gets bigger is a 26 watt compact fluorescent bulb. Which replaces a 125 watt bulb and it produces 1560 lumens of warm white color. I will be able to keep it 2 inches over the plant at all times. Also till the plant gets bigger i have a garbage which the pot fits in perfect and has about a foot to grow and it is 10" wide. Also it is lined with aluminum foil the shinney side so there is more light and heat. I think that is it for now and ill try to take pictures in a couple of minutes and post them and ill update tomorrow. :-D
  3. just a couple of things to add.....i'd put the seed deper....approx 1"....also when it's a little older.....i.e. a couple of weeks...i'd suggest getting another one of the lights your talking range to aim for is 2000-3000 lumens per plant and also watch ther heat on the young plant a thermometer to check the temp would be a good idea......the tin foil goes dull side out, to stop hot spots...more so, for HPS growers but just in case......the garbage bin won't be big enough for the whole grow if it only has 1' to grow in....i take it when you say you have a pot for it to go into you have made sure it has drainage holes?....well hope it all goes well for you......Peace out....Sid

    ps a small fan on the young one will really help give it a strong stem to allow for budding....
  4. This is a picture of my pot with soil in the garbage can.

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  5. This is my pot, garbage can, and little conteiner with the seed.

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  6. This is the lamp im using, the light bulb, and the box it came in.

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  7. This is the complete setup for growing my plant for now. :-D

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  8. hmmm... that won't last for too long, you need more space, a whole closet or something, basically more highth and a way to shut out all light
  9. na that is not a problem i have a closet and plenty of places to grow it. this is just for now. Becuase i dont have to hide my plant or anything cause my parents know and are cool with it. so ill make bigger and better setups later on.
  10. oh, well then you might want to do more than one seed incase it is a male
  11. Yep, that is my next grow this is my practice grow. i dont care if i get weed from this or if it is good. if i do then great :-D But this is mainly for me to learn and become better so my next grow is a good one. thanx 4 the help. :-D
  12. what it will teach you how to grow a plant in the vegatative stage....however there is a bit to flowering as well and if it's male then, you don't really get the final practice that you need......Peace out....Sid
  13. DAY 2: I took the seed out from in between the 2 moist paper towels that i placed in the small plasic conteiner. And placed it in the small hole i made in the soil for it. i placed the the side with the white tail down because that is the roots sprouting from the seed. I then sprinked a little bit of soil over it then i watered it. Next i placed a sheet off plastic wrap over the pot and helded it in place with a rubber band. This is to keep moisture and heat in. You keep it on intill the plant comes above ground. last i placed the pot in a dark warm spot intill the plant comes above ground.
  14. YAY, I when to the store just now and got some more shit for growing, all shown in the picute below. I got a new CFL it is 42W = 150W and it produces 2,600 warm white lumens. And I got a 1 QT bottle of schultz liquid-concentrate 10-10-10 plant food. Also i got a 24 hour timer for my lights with 2 on/off settings. And last a 6-foot extension cord so i can have everything reach and more room to plug shit in. :-D

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  15. now i am not 100% sure about this and i would like someone to back me up or tell me i am wrong, but i believe the 10-10-10 is better for budding than vegging, i think the veg stage needs a little stronger ferts.
  16. NYC, if u bought ur seed somewhere, where'd u buy it........Just Wondering....... :)
  17. Nope, i didnt buy this seed i just took it out of a good batch of weed.
  18. thats fine for now, but once u start really growin, try to buy seeds somewhere. Its always great to know the strain ur growing, cause all strains have different tendencies, not always alot different but if u want to GROWGROW and not just GROW you need to know those little special things to help out.
  19. the 10-10-10 fert's fine for vegging till flowering comes along and then give it something like 20-60-20.....or long as there's a big number in the out...Sid

    ps bud stuffer, you can use stronger for vegging as well, as long as the plant is willing to take if i had a 20-20-20 or something i would 1/4 dilute it and then increase it gradually.
  20. thanks for straitening that out for me sid.

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