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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mrghozt, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. fucking yum

    and a pic of my current stash...

    quarter of this blue chz in new york city....$75

    someone from NYC chime in and tell everyone how awesome that is please! :)

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  2. I used to have that scale!
    Now I only use the double and triple digi's (0.00, 0.000)..gotta love em.
    I was just gonna comment on that nutcracker in your other thread..
    And we pay very similar prices...glad to know not every ones gettin fucked.

    Oh yea and blue cheese looking mighty tasty, got my hands on some not too long ago.
    Very similar trim job and bud formation I might add...
  3. My guess...Those cheese balls are gonna be gone in another hour. That's some good looking herb
  4. [quote name='"mrghozt"']fucking yum

    and a pic of my current stash...

    quarter of this blue chz in new york city....$75

    someone from NYC chime in and tell everyone how awesome that is please! :)[/quote]

    I live in nyc.. Thats a pretty solid deal
  5. chez balls are halfway gone between my wife n i :) she just said "go put these upstairs before u never wanna fuck my fat ass again" LMAO

    gotta love a stoner wife, shes the best

    my plan is to go upstairs to bring the chz balls up and throw two blueberry waffles in the toaster and throw some butter pecan ice cream inside like a sammy...hahahahahah i cant wait...

    i am the highest ive been in years guys....i love my new connect...
  6. cheezzz balllsss......
  7. guess how much i paid for the cheeze balls!!!! guess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. goodnite lol
  9. i dont care enough to go to double or triple id be here forever weighing tiny lil buds

  10. from nyc.... that's an amazing price that's like getting 2 grams of amazing mega dankity for like 5 dollars
  11. NY Bud is just bomb in general if you look in the rite places
  12. bump cuz i can
  13. cheese balls and good weed. living the high life huh buddy. lol

    looks like some good bud for sure, haven't had a cheese in a while and only had blue cheese twice. good bud for sure :smoke:
  14. Cheese balls! My munchie food! Got high once and smashed a whole thing of em. Felt like shit all day the next day but they were so delicious.

    looks like some dank bud man, blue cheese never makes it to where I'm at.
  15. noone even noticed the box of cheez its in the backround :) lol bunch of high motheruckers...its a blue chz strain i tried to add a bunch of cheese flavored snacks....cmon guys wake up lmao

  16. i honestly dont even like this bud

    i know that sounds like such a fuckin dick thing to say

    but it just doesnt give me the high i look for....the mango kush i have right now is far superior imho

    they are both awesome dont get me wrong, im just not a fan of the taste, smell, or high...and i have no idea why....i still have about 16 grams of it left so ill be smoking it again, we'll see...

    the sour i have right now is pretty great too, and i JUST got 3 ounces of OG Kush, ill take some pics when im done eating....lookis pretty dank, smells very earthy....
  17. just finished this strain :(...i started a new thread for all my pickups....

    getting OG Kush, Mango Kush (awesome), and some more sour d at 8pm tonite

  18. Haha, I was actually about to reply to this thread and say how I wasn't really a fan of it. I hate real blue cheese, like the dressing for salads :rolleyes: I can't stand the smell or taste, it makes me nauseous. Then smelling bud that smelled like something that makes me want to vomit wasn't good. I just didn't care for it. The one night I had it I also had some sour diesel so I was pretty happy. :smoke:
  19. hey, to each their own right?
  20. the one night u had sour? that sucks dude, i can have it everynight lol...shit bout to have some right now!! :smoke:

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