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NYC prices?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by collection, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Any stoner here in NYC?

    If so, what prices do you get? I dont have a real connect so im getting fucked up the ass at $10 for like .5 a gram, and a dub is a gram. And usually, they are mids :(

    What do you NYC stoners get prices at?
  2. gram for $20 dank shit.
  3. what part of nyc you located at casue i get some nice mids for 30 dollars a 1/4
  4. cali quality bud - $70-$75 an eight
    Average dank - $100-$120 for a quarter
    below average dank $80 a quarter.

    I usually only buy cali quality bud. ;)
  5. LOL i get cali piff for 10 dollars a gram and its the real shit silver haze and other types of piff

  6. LOL, cool.:rolleyes:
  7. It depends who and where you're buying from. I think a lot of street dealers don't actually measure their stuff out for dubs and less. Never bought real weight before.
  8. thats exactly why i buy large amounts at a time lol i once bought a 10 bag of weed and it was smaller then a nick

  9. you get cali piff anywhere in ny for $10 a gram you are a lucky man? so chill with your LOL.

    five to one, that's almost exactly the same prices i would pay.
  10. delivery service in NYC: 50 or 65 for between 2.2 and 2.7g of DANKKKK

    if you go out on the island a little more: 20 a g, 210 a half, 400 an o of DANKKKK

    i dont buy weed with out a name, and thats what i pay my two connects
  11. Mids are cheap in NYC.What i recomend you do OP is what i do if i get a shady bag NEVER call that dude again.

  12. What do you consider large amounts? And just because you are getting weed with names, doesn't mean its grade A
  13. Oh nah, I wouldn't accept it if it looked like that. After awhile it becomes easy to eyeball what a dime should look like and if I don't like the one the dealer hands me I ask to compare to others. The good thing is if you have to get regs, dealers tend to stuff their bags.
  14. I can comment on a little further out, on the island...what I've paid for quality bud, named stuff, usually from someone who gets straight from a grower..easy to get, thank god..good to know the right people...

    oz: $460-600
    half: $220 - 260
    quarter; $120 - 140
    eighth: $65 - 75

    quality bud is anywhere between $15 to $20 / gram...$20bags of highest bud are usually like .7 or .8 grams.

    never bought anything but quality, or less than a half, so i've never paid for anything less, but that's what it goes for. i just buy ounces or halves now...cheaper per gram, and medicinal purposes only...i don't smoke casually ..maybe once a month...but i usually vape it, so an ounce goes a long way...worth the price in my opinion...but to hear what it goes for in other states, makes me want to move.
  15. Nassau County... dank...

  16. u can buy a bag of weed thats .8 grams?.........u gotta b kidding (and people wonder why they get raped when buying 20$ worth lol ...cigs in nyc cost like 15$ dont they?)
  17. Most dealers in nyc don't give a gram when you buy a dub of dank. You get around between .6-.9 most of the time. A pack of cigs in nyc cost between 10-15 depending in what part of nyc youre in,

    I get 50 for an eighth
    100 for a quarter
    150 for a half
    300 for an O.
    Talkin about dank and prices do fluctuate :[
  18. thankfully my dealer weighs out every pickup in front of me :hello:

    I'm from nassau, L.I and its always nice headies and sometimes crazy dank from local growers

    Prices for nice headies:

    $20-1.1 grams
    $60-4 grams
    $120-8 grams


    $20-1 gram

    Yea its expensive but I always get the right weight and I have the best quality of bud I can find consistently so its straight for me
  19. Mid grade rates in my experience usually goes like this
    50 8th
    100 qt
    200 half
    400 qt

    always looking for some local connects! mine are weak these days :/
  20. Manhattan
    8th -$40
    qtr - $80
    half o- $140
    oz $260
    Straight dank from cali

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