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  1. i was in the back of a taxi with my 3 friends in brooklyn and got pulled over by undercovers, 2 girls and 1 guy. they didnt go to the cabbie they open the door and one of the broads told my friend sitting to my left (i was riding bitch) to get out, they didnt search him because hes an explorer and in police programs, then the guy cop told me to "get the fuck out of the cab",
    Note: i have a slice in my pocket and 3 dutchies.

    i step out he tells me to put my hands on the car and he grabs my chest to feel my heartbeat and asked why it was beating so fast then asked if i had anything on me i said no hoping he wouldnt search me, but he did, head to toe thoroughly and put his hand in my pocket, clearly felt him grab the bag of tree and said why the fuck did you lie to me? now im taking it, pulled his hand out of my pocket and told me to go back to mass (i had a red sox hat on..he had a sox sweatshirt on too tho)

    the girl cop then asked me if the cop took the bud and i said yes, the cop that just searched me was standing right there while i answered, then they just left, didnt look at IDs didnt ask any questions didnt give a reason for pulling us over, all night i thought i didnt have my weed i was even reaching into my pockets all night, before i go to bed that night i was takin everything out of my pockets and i pulled out THE bag of weed out of my pocket.... fucking MIND BOGGLING
  2. Wow man thats real fuckin werid maybe they were two cool ass cops but i would think that only if they took the weed(leaving and not busting you).... but man thats awesome you got your bud and not in trouble wow thats awesome story.
  3. Glad to hear they didn't take your bud, but it sounds like your rights were violated. :(
  4. they probably blazed that shit 10 mins later.
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    The post states that he still had the weed.

    NYC cops are some of the most corrupt pieces of shit police force in the country.
  6. they probably were looking for someone else
  7. ...and motherfuck the 5-0
  8. Sounds to sketch to be true. None of that makes any sense, unless your a huge drug dealer or soemthing.
  9. Sounds like they weren't cops, they were probably trying to rob you.
  10. Seems to me like they were probably looking for another person.
  11. haha im not retarded they were cops they had badges guns an undercover cop car they were def. cops, my friend was telling me that 3 cabbies got killed in that neighborhood in the past month so maybe they were looking for a gun or some shit, but regardless the cops knew i had bud... why would he tell me hes taking the weed, put his hand in my pocket and felt as if he took it out then the girl cop asked if he has it i said yes... why would he pretend to take it in front of the 2 other cops? doesnt make any sense at all
  12. Wait, you were in a taxi and the cops pulled over the taxi just to search you? Does that ever even happen? I know around here (Small town so I don't know a lot about cities and taxis :-\) a pizza delivery boy won't get pulled over because it hurts there job, I would assume the same applies to taxis?
  13. lol its probly just cuz u were wearing red sox shit...ny'ers hate people from mass...btw im from mass too
  14. Hey everybody, it's a three post troll roll!
  15. Indeed*yawns*..
  16. Um...If he is a huge drug dealer, then he would've been busted... :rolleyes:
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    Many Brooklynites hate the Yankees. This goes back to the days of the Brooklyn Dodgers/NY Yankees rivalry, so they support the Red Sox.

    Sounds like those cops were looking for people with guns, not weed. He was just fucking with the OP's head when he found weed, which is not so bad considering he didn't bust him or even take the stuff away.
  18. word man im from nyc and they prob were just fucking around with you,they might have been narcs that wanted to see if you had anything else on you. they dont care too much about weed well at least reasonable amounts of it.
  19. dude.i cnt figure out if this rlly happend or were u just fucking tripin balllss

  20. I haven't heard about this, and can't find anything to substantiate the claim that 3 cabbies were killed in Brooklyn this month - not saying it isn't true, but I can't find it in the news. In any case, those cops were definitely after something, and it obviously wasn't people with weed in their possession.

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