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NYC mayor Bloomberg: "all police should go on strike until US citizens surrender guns

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by jdm_420, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. Maybe in the future they'll be able to put something like a microchip in every gun, and also some kind of ballistics identification of each round of ammo that is fired from them. If every gun was trackable to it's registered owner, and the spent ammo had it's fingerprint, we'd have a more precise system if an investigation was needed.
  2. You can track almost any gun down to it's specific machine marks if you have the gun in possesion.

    you can also test multiple bullets from multiple crimes and see if they match so you have a common suspect weapon

  3. I have a shotgun I knicknamed batman...

  4. I clicked like because at least now you are using that thing 3 feet above your ass the rest of us like to call a brain, to imagine some kind of cinderella jack in the beanstock world. Now if we can graduate to jr. high I would like some examples of the lies you speak of... I would like to talk facts.

  5. I'm sorry but I have to ask, what the fuck are you talking about? What lies do people keep repeating? Are you that ill-informed that you are under the impression that you can purchase a firearm without a background check? Are you even sophisticated enough to know how the laws work, or how to go about purchasing a firearm? It sounds like you are having a difficult time coping with reality. And as far as military and police are concerned, do you truly beloved that they are without fault or incapable of fucking up? Last year a drug house was busted by SWAT in phoenix (my home town), after they packed up the criminals and drove away in their van, one of the neighbors walked outside to find a mil-spec fully automatic M16 laying carelessly in thief yard. A fucking SWAT officer with all his training and all the hope you put in him (instead of yourself) for your protection equated to fuck all right there. He left the damn thing in the lawn of some house in phoenix, a full auto military grade assault weapon. The owner of the home had to call the police to let the them know politely that they left one of thief fucking assault weapons in their yard.

    I don't trust the police with my protection and I personally don't trust THEM with guns, do you? Then maybe you should hop on YouTube and search "cop shoots themselves", hours upon hours of hilarity.
  6. how the fuck was this guy actually elected ?

  7. Welcome to the conversation
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    Ding ding ding. Correct answer.

    I keep seeing people bring up the point that back in the day our guns were shittier and our founding fathers didn't know better and if they saw what we had today they would never allow it. These people clearly have no idea why the second amendment was written and WHY it's the second amendment.

    We have the first amendment to protect the people from the gov from persecution (religious or otherwise) and to protect our right to free speech. The second amendment was put in the place to ensure the people were on a level playing field as the gov in case they dare violate the FIRST amendment and go tyrannical. Clearly not every citizen is entitled to battle tanks and drones and fully automated rifles, but to say we may only be allowed weapons that can not come close to the firepower of our own government is simply showing how little trust the gov has in it's people.

    We are all suspected terrorists anyway though right?

    Meanwhile any form of militia is considered a potential terrorist threat regardless of this text.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfpVm4Puurw&feature=player_embedded]Government Documents States All Ron Paul Supporters and Libertarians Are Suspected Terrorists - YouTube[/ame]

    Truth is if the American Revolution were to take place with the technology and infrastructure currently in place then the founding fathers would be nothing more than terrorists and we would all be kissing the queens ass still.
  9. Fuck this garrison's a troll i'm out lol
  10. i would rather be the ONLY unarmed man in a room of armed Avg. Joe's than the ONLY known armed person in a room full of "unknowns", as it currently stands.
  11. Amen Amen AMEN!!!!

    The simple cost of purchase and maintenance would be enough to keep the VAST majority from owning military grade weapons but i STILL believe that our founding fathers intended that the people be as well armed as the gov't, if not moreso.
  12. You're hung up on the IMPOSSIBLE idea of SOMEONE knowing where EVRY SINGLE GUN is. Won't work. CAN'T work. Math, numbers, science doesn't allow for it in a natural world.

    And if there are unaccounted weapons out there, there will be those who obtain them.
  13. They won't be able to track "EVERY SINGLE GUN", but they could track most of them. Of course, anybody that shoots somebody will naturally hide or destroy the gun, but the bullet will have information about which gun it was discharged from, and to whom it was registered - MOST of the time. It also may be possible for the manufacturers to design guns that will not work, or self-destruct, if tampered with - and the government may require this. Maybe future technology will bring guns that will only work for the legal owner, by some kind of ID card, fingerprint or iris recognition, etc., which could reduce or eliminate gun theft.

  14. For every hurdle that is put in place, there is a way to jump it. Cali's recent bullet button issue is proof of that. Home made/loaded ammo also comes to mind among other things.

    You come up with the gun that will only work in my hand and i MIGHT entertain the thought. But i have friends that i trust my life to and trust with my firearms. They must be included in the "registered users" too. Family as well. Law abiding citizens as well. YOU as well.

  15. you know what, you are right, lets take guns (that in your mind are unsafe) and add a bomb to them, that way if someone that isn't allowed to fire it tries (like a little kid) it blows up in thier face... good thinking... patent that, you'll make millions...

    I can tell you now, that every time I go out trap shooting, I always wonder why there isn't a card scanner on the butstock of my shotgun, it just seems like that would be a good place to completely take away my freedoms as an american... Don't forget to patent that one too, someone might still that great idea...

  16. He's right, as much I don't agree with garrison, he is entitled to firearms... I wouldn't feel safe around him because I feel the most dangerous gun is the one in the hands of someone that doesn't know how to shoot.

  17. You're absolutely right about that, which is why I also fully support it being mandatory to learn how to shoot, either in school, or I wouldn't be adverse to a year of mandatory service in a local militia (not military, meaning we only protect our local area), directly after highschool where you're trained to use a weapon, and actually given a rifle to use, basically exactly what Switzerland does.

    My policy with guns is the same as drugs, deregulation, real education, and personal liberty. I believe in the freedom of an individual to have access to both of these things if he wants and can afford them.
  18. when it comes down to it... we're in a round world... and garrison is sitting in the corner... unfortunately the government is walking around trying to find that corner to sit in... if they do, civil war...

  19. That war, I'm afriad, is sooner rather than later. But when it does, all patriots true to the Constitution should hear the call for militia. I will and will gladly answer.
  20. Arkansas Regulars!!!!

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