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NYC Heads...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by neilsleek, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. Calling all Long Island, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey and Manhattan tokers...

    IM paelegend if you are/will be around Manhattan today. Or IM me anyway to see what's good. Don't IM if you don't blaze. One.
  2. Yoooooooooo wats up nigg'zzz. Im repping L.I. i just smoked up = )
  3. Yo! Jersey here!
  4. where is there a head shop in NYC I want to buy a piece but I dont want to travel to CT to get it
  5. queens here. about to pick up 2.5 grams of jar weed from manhattan. speed racer mother fucker

    yo xclusive- get off the subway at west 4th in greenwhich village. its like a block away from "the cage", its called NY gifts. u shood be able to find whatever u need, good luck.
  6. xtactly where i go, except it was some big hookah store with a ton of stuff
  7. Quick question, what does ending a statement or conversation with "One" mean? I have a couple friends who think they are hard ass gangstas that say that and have always wondered.....

  8. it means "one love"
  9. I'm on LI man, but I'm not heading into the city till later in the week. I bet theres gonna be crazy somking in central park and washington square park on 4.20 though.
  10. WOW nice to see more NY'ers here. I'm upstate quiet and killa weed. We have little head shops tucked away in a few places. One in the back of a deli combined with a cigar shop :smoking: , not to mention one at the mall and a few in woodstock. Hope ya find what ya R looking for. Peace
  11. staten isle here. we will be in central park 4/20 4:20 PM I PROMISE

  12. That makes none sense..... there are plenty of places in the village and even around manhattan to cop nice pieces..... im from NY but my mother just moved to CT i checked out some head shops in her area that had garbage...... only acrylic and bamboo bongs and small pieces... the city is a great place for cheap glass.

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