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NYC GRANDADDY PURP (fluffiest ever)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mrghozt, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. enjoy the pics....posting my green crack grow journal now also in the other section if u wanna check it out.....

    that jar can usually handle about 3 ounces or so.....i can barely fit a half ounce of this shit in it :)

    super sticky super awesome super indica...:)

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  2. forgot one...i have more im being lazy

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  3. I've had a couple diff batches of GDP, one was an extremely dense, sticky, crystally, purple knock you out nug with amazing smell and taste,
    other was real fluffy and light green with small amount of purple and a much softer more subtle high and burned much quicker.
    Your's looks really stony, nice pickup with that :smoke:

    Edit: How much that 1/2 run you in NYC?
  4. $100, but i know the grower...they sell this shit at $250 a half $450 an onion in posting more pics right now i just pick up mango kush and more sour...posting them right now actually in a new thread...

  5. pfft..250 a 1/2, i don't think anyone in the U.S. who is in the right state of mind would buy for that price.

    plus the bud doesn't look close to primo quality..
  6. impressive my friend. looks sufuckinperb.
  7. looks like some nice fluffy bud ;)

  8. the fuliffiest ive ever of the ounces "filled" a gallon ziploc bag hehe.....people are selling .4 20s in NYC......looks like a gram, tourists dont care...people gettin rich
  9. #9 mrghozt, Mar 26, 2012
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    $75 from grower
  10. Looks awesome man :)
  11. nice, never seen GDP as green as that :smoke:

  12. thanks bro!! me looks much different than any other GDP ive had, but the smell is is the high
  13. most ppl dont realize that most purple buds come from cooler temps while growing, of course there are purple strains but id say 80% of peoples purple buds are due to low temp and humidity within the last few weeks of the grow....
  14. thanks dude!
  15. [quote name='"BlankIT"']

    pfft..250 a 1/2, i don't think anyone in the U.S. who is in the right state of mind would buy for that price.

    plus the bud doesn't look close to primo quality..[/quote]

    I pay 185 a half for gdp around in vt and its the dankest bud around. My guy gets it straight from the sourse for 325
  16. F*ckin made my mouth water for a second:mad:

  17. Man, people be TAXINNNNN. God and I thought midwest prices were horrible, I'm getting weed driven here from michigan for less than 300 an O and that's 3-4 people from the source. I'm not sitting here bragging about prices like Nadroj but I just can't believe people pay that much :(
  18. wanna bet?

    and thank you for disrespecting my bud....your pics that dont exist are wonderful, thank you for contributing to the site/my old ass thread :hello::hello::hello:
  19. #20 koven, May 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: May 2, 2012
    You're on the internet bragging about slanging and ripping folks off. You sell dime bags and you're probably 18. Get real man. Lol @ disrespecting your bud. BlankIT put it a lot nicer than I would have. That shit looks leafy as fuck. I don't know about NYC but we smoke bud in CA not leaves. Keep posting your pickups but drop the ego, bro. :hello:
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