NYC diesel auto with 6400k light ?

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  1. Hey all, first year growing so please forgive the noob question. I was wondering if I left my auto-flower under a 6400k led would it still flower? I am unaware of the exact age of the plant, but so far no signs of flower and she’s quite old. Does anyone have experience doing this?

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  2. Yes, she should flower. The spectrum doesn't impact the initiation of bloom. Daylight is about 6500K :)
  3. Thank you for the answer :p just to clarify, you’re saying that because it’s going to flower no matter what that the spectrum doesn’t need to change. However with a regular plant they will need the change in spectrum to initiate bloom, as they aren’t part ruderalis?

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  4. No Im saying that spectrum doesn't impact the initiation of bloom LOL It is the lengh of the light and dark cycles that trigger bloom in photoperiod strains. People like lower K lights because they give better yields and quality.
  5. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    The one in the blue pot is the auto, I got her a couple weeks in, and she had been topped when I got her :( (I know it isn’t ideal) she’s just been swapped from the led to a cfl. The three under the led are all clones, as is the second last plant under the cfl. Any tips or recommendations for my grow set up? I want them to have a fan on them soon, but I haven’t decided if I want to continue purely hydro, or move some outside.

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  6. Without a more serious kit, I would look at moving them outside, depending on the climate.
  7. Located in southern Ontario. Climate is great, however the soil in my back yard seemed to me to be a bit on the soggy side, what do you think ? How much more would I need to invest to stay hydro? I have access to a 400w hps light, step dad is using it until he throws some of his girls out. Thanks again for the help![​IMG][​IMG]

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  8. With soil like that I'd suggest some good size pots and a quality potting mix. For hydro you'll need a good fan and an appropriate space for it and a few electronic bits and pieces.. Really, if using the sun isn't a problem then do it. Much easier and far more potential than the 400W HPS. Sorry, I don't know your weather but keep in mind that the photo strains will start to bloom when the daylight hours get short.

  9. Thank you again for the reply, what size of pot would you recommend for them to grow to max potential?

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  10. Depends on how long your season is. Fairly large though, perhaps 50L if there's plenty of growing time left. 30 Litres for the Auto. I'm only guessing.
  11. Auto will be perfect outside. Photoperiod plant needs FULL darkness to flower. Full darkness means you go outside at night wait a few minutes to acclimate your eyes and you should not be able to see your hands. With all the light pollution from city lights etc. Except if you are in a very rural area I doubt its dark enough.
  12. Heaps of people bloom photo's in suburban back yards. I know that what you are saying is possible but likely? I don't think so.
  13. I'd like to see how 6400k would do from start to finish. Im guessing small airy buds with lots of frost.
  14. Should you top the main stem more than once or do you top the newly grown stem

  15. Quick Question: Do you top the main stem more than once or should you top the newly grown stem
  16. I Probably wouldn't top an auto as they usually are not to tall. Although I've seen a few incredible bulk auto grows on utube and they get huge.
  17. To add more colas do you top the main stem more than once
  18. Topping will make the tops sit at a more even height. I've only recently tried topping. I topped the main stem and made two central colas. Then after they grew a few nodes I topped both central colas again to make 4 main tops. That was a good amount of cuts to keep all the branches at an even finishing level. I didn't top any side branches.
  19. Thank You. You answered my question

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