NYC Diesel auto Finished?

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Skip I am, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. This is my actual first full term harvest as last years was cut short due to bud rot. The strain says 8-10 weeks this is the beginning of week 11. Does this look finished? I see swollen calyx, pistols mostly amber, and bud swell has slowed. Trichs are about 5%-10% amber. 20190415_104815.jpg

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  2. It doesn't look done to me. There are lots of 'hairs' or pistols, some of which haven't darkened (turned red or orange yet). One of the things I watch for is the 'hairs' to disappear, ie where their is a cluster of hairs, it will appear that there is only a single hair or significantly less hairs, when its closer to being done. At this point the calyx will really swell up. It does look close, maybe a week or 2. I would never trust the # of days from the breeder, there are too many variables, especially if you are growing them outside.
    Otherwise, she looks real good.
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  3. Is the rapid leaf discoloration and shedding normal at this stage? It's all organic. The only thing I've done is top dressed kelp and bone meal
  4. Yes, at least with my plants when ther're in the last couple of weeks of flower. Seems like the plant is drawing energy from it's leaves to aid in flowering.
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  5. Some do, some don’t, usually they eat themselves. Looking good.
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  6. Nice
    Colorado cookies [​IMG]

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