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NYC Diesel 1/8th for 40$ ??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by GANJAloverz, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I was offered this deal by one of my friends. Is this bud any good? and is it worth the 40?
  2. I paid 60 an 8th for NYC diesel and it was worth it, so yes.
  3. If it's real NYC Diez, then it's DEFINITELY worth 40 bones.
    Funny you bring up NYCD,because I was offered an O of that stuff for 220 last night. That dealer's sketchy though and I don't have scales, not to mention it probably wasn't actually NYC.
  4. If you got $40 to spare, do it up. :smoke: Post some pics too plz
  5. NY diesel is probably one of my top 3 favorite types of bud i'd get it in a heartbeat
  6. yea if its legit its good.
  7. Dont expect it to be actual NYC Diesel. There would be no reason for them to sell it that low, that shit would sell in a snap at ANY price.
  8. i was paying 50 for that like 3 weeks ago, get on it!
  9. ya dude ive heard diesel goin for twice that. I personally wouldnt pay that but im just saying, people pay out the ass for legit diesel.
  10. Any price? I doubt anyone in their right mind would pay over $60 unless they seriously have no connections, lol. But even if it's not NYCD but just some dank chrons go for it $40 an eighth is good.
  11. So i picked up the 8th.. Capsule is labeled NYC Diesel, so i'm guessing it's legit. Smoked some yesterday, and i must say.. this bud is FIRE! :hello:
  12. 40 for an 8th is a VERY good price.

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