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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Foxymel, Oct 5, 2022.

  1. Has anyone had any experience with NY Vape Shop? I bought a vape there and want to return it but have not been able to get in touch with them. I have sent 8 emails and nothing. And they don’t appear to have a phone number. I googled to see if I could find it and I only found a bunch of complaints about the same thing. Grrr.
  2. You're probably screwed. Never used them but they seem small and mostly bad reviews so I wouldn't expect anything. I always had good experience with planet of the vapes.
  3. I filed a complaint with BBB and saw that they had numerous complaints about the same issue and an “F” rating. I only have two weeks left on the 30 day refund left. No phone number! I bought a vape from POTV and got excellent customer service. At least I’m only out $50 because this was a to go second vape. Maybe I’ll sell it on EBay. They continue to send me promotional emails. Grrrrr….
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