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NY - Stoned Pizzeria Shut Down!

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Storm Crow, May 13, 2023.

  1. Bummer!:cry:

    Queen Village pizzeria that laced pies with cannabis is shut down. (news – 2023)

    Stoned Pizzeria — which operates three other locations in New York City — infuses its food with THC oils, but also purports to sell edibles and flower to customers, per its website.

    Accompanied by Philadelphia police Friday evening, officials from the city's Departments of Health and Licenses and Inspections shut down Stoned Pizza, a cannabis dining concept that operated on the southwest corner of Fifth and Bainbridge Streets, in the former home of Olly and Gigi Pizza, since earlier this month.Beatrice Forman and Michael Klein

    Published May 12, 2023

    Philadelphia authorities say they have shut down a Queen Village pizzeria that laces its food and beverages with cannabis.

    A joint inspection conducted by the city’s Licenses and Inspections and Health Departments on Friday evening found that Stoned Pizzeria — a New York City-based pizza chain that opened a location earlier in May at Fifth and Bainbridge Streets — lacked a business license and health certificate.

    Three uniformed police officers accompanied inspectors as they examined the business, which is guarded by a security guard. Stoned was attempting to fulfill to-go orders while the inspection occurred, including one that had a pre-rolled joint, per an Inquirer reporter at the scene.

    The restaurant was instructed to cease operations as of 6:35 p.m. Friday, but general manager Luke Wetherhold offered conflicting information about the entity that had taken over the former location of adjoining restaurants Olly and Gigi. (snipped)

    Granny :wave:
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  2. It sounds like it was a black market operation with no business license or health certificate for selling food. It's interesting they didn't shut the place down or arrest anyone for selling pot which is still illegal in Philly and I consider that progress. The local bigwig that called the cops on them should have been paid off in advance, keeping the neighbors happy is important when you're dealing.
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  3. Exactly. They didn't grease enough of the right palms. Donate to the correct campaign funds and so forth.

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  4. At the end of the day idgaf if places like this exist but I feel like they're ultimately a gimmick anyway. If a stoner wants edibles they can get em at a dispo, maybe their plug, or make em themselves. Actual restaurants marketing edible sales feels like a novelty to me more than anything. Something to draw in a buzz and get more customers because your actual food is mediocre lmao.
  5. I wouldn't necessarily consider them just a gimmick. They cater to a specific audience and provide a specialized service. And let's not forget that the culinary world is constantly evolving, with chefs experimenting and pushing boundaries to create new dining experiences. It's no surprise that edibles have found their way onto restaurant menus.

    As for the argument about mediocre food, well, that can happen with any type of restaurant, not just ones that offer edibles. It's important to remember that the quality of the food ultimately depends on the specific restaurant and its chefs. There are plenty of places that offer delicious meals alongside their edible options.

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