NY State Withdraws DARE Funding

Discussion in 'General' started by rumandromanism, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Stolen from NORML:


    Discuss. I had to sit through those awful DARE classes, which were a complete waste of time. Hopefully, future generations won't be brainwashed like mine was.
  2. I think it was said best here...

    "The allure of sex and drugs will always be there"

    Exactally, and so will the natural sense of temptation and curiosity... so educate our kids to make smart decisions. DARE is the most horseshit anti-drug propoganda our gubmint has ever thought of. DARE does not point kids in the right direction it points them towards a life of ignorance. Fuck DARE.
  3. Ignorance parading behind the facade of factual information in order to portray the idea that the government actually invites us to make decisions.
  4. i hated DARE..lol brings back memories of elementary school and shit
  5. I learned nothing in DARE. I think I already knew that drugs were "bad", and I was just too young to worry about them.

    Kids already know that "adults" and the government are against drugs. Does the program really make any impact on how kids react when presented with drugs? Could it just make some of them more curious?
  6. people will always be getting fucked up. no matter what.
  7. but.... if there's no more DARE how are stoners going to get their DARE shirts and wear them ironicly now?
    Its a terrible loss for our culture.
    At least I've got mine and it still fits.

  8. I wish I was smart back in 5th grade and went to my DARE graduation...:devious:

    Never even got a t-shirt. The worst was, after "graduation" we still had to go to MORE DARE classes in 8th grade. Those were primarily geared towards, drugs, sex, and gang violence. Lame.
  9. I bet the mayor of NYC hates this, he is a big stickler on drug use.
  10. I know, all the drug dealers at my (old) school wore the DARE shirts so people would notice them.

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