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  1. whats up. Im on L.I and got a few plants growing. I cant say much as to when it was planted because i got it out my friends dead neighbors yard. There is about 7 plants. 6 I planted in one area by bamboo. The ground was very hard and rooty. Those 6 are near dead with one female doin ok. I moved them over to a pile of compost where I have plant 7. They are planted on top of it and plant 7 is well and i cut down most the dead ones for hash. The ok female i trimed up. Its got some small buds so im hopein for the best. Now.. Plant 7.. Is nice, green and the buds are starting nice. Its maybe a foot to a foot and a half tall and planted on compost. Should i expect much? Im gonna start trimming it next week or so. I'll get pics up when possible.
  2. highly doubt youll be starting to trim next week. in this area the northeast, we usually dont expect harvest until atleast late september. i guess is you have low ryders or any type of auto flowering plant you could expect to be harvesting but i dunno man. some pics would help. and btw, bad karma to steal things from dead people.
  3. So dont start trimming the little leaves around the small buds?? Just let it keep growing?
  4. Also do you guys think the compost pile (+5 years old) has enough nuetrients? I been just usein water and start giving it more water than what ive been. closer to a gallon is what i been readin
  5. yes keep it growing until around 50-75 percent of the pistils turn an amber brownish color. or, the more experienced growers choose to use a small microscope to identify the quality of t he trichomes which hold the precious delta-9 tetro-hydro-cannabinol or whatever the chemical is that has the psychoactive effects and the other ones too. you do that after you harvest. dont cut any leaves while the plant is growing. unless your using topping or fimming methods which is a whole other story. watch a guide on harvesting online. theres mr. green on youtube and theres also the "stoned free guide to growing cannabis" on google videos.
  6. Thanks. The hair on the ok female are mostly an amber color? Harvest as is (maybe .8g's) or wait to see how it is in a week or two? The good female has no amber at all so its definatly got time to grow and mature
  7. Bump, any help?
  8. Can't determine if the buds are ready but brown pistils alone. Need to get you a good magifing glass or jewelers loop to look at the trichomes. Once you have about 50% of all the trichomes turn from clear to amber they're ready. How about some pictures. I'm not saying you can't use the pistils as an indicator of ripeness but you can have a hell of alot of pistils turn brown and the buds not be ready. If it is growing outdoors and it could still be weeks away from being finished.

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