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NY-NJ prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by subazforce, May 20, 2010.

  1. I talked to a new dealer and he said he could get me a quarter of sour for 150, or a quarter of purp for 120, Is this a good price? Just moved here therefore I'm not too familiar with the prices.
  2. In nj it might be a good price but in californa its not, personally a qaud should only be 100$ or lower i would never pay more but since you live in nj its proubably more expensive, i dunno, also i wouldnt pay more for the sour, but thats just me, since you dont even now fersure that its sour D. Well good luck
  3. I live in NJ and $150 for a quarter sounds ridiculous, and we are known for crazy prices. $120 is pretty good here though. But it's strange they have the price of sour higher, I would say that it's a pretty common strain here. Definitely go for purp.
  4. i used to pay 110 a quad of diesel, same wit GDP

  5. In new york I've heard sour d. goin for 130 a qt. and ne kind of purple nugs for 140 but the whole guessin game and trust come into play with the actual strains.
  6. I live about a half hour outside NY and we have pretty much the same prices. 120 for a quarter of any dank weed is a decent price. 150 is high though, I wouldn't pay that.
  7. id pay 100 max for a quarter
  8. thank you for your responses guys.
  9. NO. NO, NO. That's a god damned rip off. Quarters should not run you more than 70-80 TOPS.
    eighths here are like 30-40. That's over the top, and my prices are in bumfuck northern NJ.

  10. if you live in jersey, and those are your prices you are a lucky lucky guy....i live in douth jersey real close to philly so you would think prices would be decent? nope. any good dank bud runs you 60 an 8th 120 a qtr in a lot of new jersey, i would deffinitely say that is the average for the are a lucky dude though if your gettin 80 dollr qtrs
  11. anyone else?
  12. I donna about 150' but I pay 120 for 1/4 every week. High quality beasters. I wouldn't pay much more tho. NYC i've paid $50 for 2 grams of dank. Not worth it tho.
  13. Upstate NY I pay 45 an 8th for some pretty solid beasters. Better stuff usually goes for around 50 - 60.
  14. Don't pay more than 125 for a quarter of anything in NY-NJ. I live 45 min north of NYC and i pay 20 a gram, 55-60 an eigth, and 115-125 a fourth. There are some cases where people get better prices but thats because they have a really good connect that they are probably close with. These are the default prices around my area though
  15. cool, thanks for all the answers guys, very helpful. I've only know this dealer for a little bit. He was a recommendation so I'll eventually get to know him better.
  16. The most I've purchased was an 1/8th of high mids, and that cost me 70 bucks! I live in NJ. Literally 30 minutes north of this place(Glassboro), in my hometown (Pennsauken) I could get an 8th of dank weed for around 50-60.

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