NY Legalization?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by bobobobman, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. anyone have any clue as to whats going on with MMJ in NY or with legalization or decriminalization? are there any new bills or anything? am i just missing it in my searches or am i just shit out of luck and never gunna be able to get shit legally... :(
  2. Marijuana is already decriminilized in New York
  3. whats decriminilized mean?
  4. means its only a civil offense and not a criminal offense.

    Meaning you don't go to jail or arrested, and its not put on any record...you just get fined and your shit confiscated.
  6. Just be glad your not in the sunshine state :(:(

    2008 session ends with new trafficking law
    Gov. Charlie Crist (R) recently signed into law HB173/SB390, which carelessly lumps real drug dealers and small time offenders into the same category by creating the ridiculous judicial presumption that as few as 25 marijuana plants - one-fourth the amount the federal government considers a trafficking threshold - makes one a "drug trafficker." Florida already had the dubious honor of having the nation's harshest marijuana possession laws - less than 20 grams can land you in jail for a year and cost you $1,000. Even worse, possession of more than 20 grams is a felony. This new law puts Florida even further ahead of the draconian pack as the Sunshine State can now claim a trafficking standard 4 times as tough as the federal government's!
  7. whoa whoa whoa... since when? what are the penalties and what are the new laws? how close do you think we are until we get MMJ?
  8. thanks man +rep.

    and currently im in oneonta(upstate), but when im home i live on the south shore of suffolk county

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