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  1. Someone had said after ways and means it would get a floor vote but I guess not...Anyone know what Rules is about?
  2. closer everyday =)
  3. I'm pretty sure the Rules Committee is the one that says if they should take a floor vote or not, but the Assembly has been granting it a vote for years.

    I'm still worried about the Senate.
  4. doesn't this session end soon? anyone know when the latest this will be resolved this year is?
  5. Session ends in like 2 weeks I think...it had better be decided before then
  6. Update: 06/10/2009 reported
    06/10/2009 rules report cal.156
    06/10/2009 ordered to third reading rules cal.156

    I wish I knew what any of that meant.
  7. I noticed that earlier as well, tried looking around the internetz a bit but still couldn't figure out what it meant. Maybe someone else will know :confused:
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    New York City Cannabis Legalization Update. Wednesday, June 10th, 2009. People still serving decades in prison for growing, selling, using and buying a plant that has several known medical applications and kills no one.

    New York City Alcohol Legalization Update: Still perfectly legal. Involved in thousands of deaths annually in New York alone.

    Stay tuned for the next update tomorrow.
  9. Ok I just did more searching, and I'm about 95% sure that this update means it will be up for one final vote in the Assembly. Not sure what else has to go on in the Senate though. Anyone else know?
  10. Anybody know how the recent change in the Senate may effect this bill?
  11. Im a bit confused on this whole process myself, but i heard the the senate is being taken over by republicans. Im not sure what you think this means, but I dont think its going to help signifigantly at all.
  12. Last I heard, even the governor doesn't know who's in charge! Looks like most things are on the back burner here in the Empire State. We shall see.....soon I hope.
  13. Wish us luck other states... Haha
  14. Ok so I've done a bit of research and here's what I've learned:

    The senate bill is in the senate codes committee right now. If they pass it, the bill gets a floor vote in the senate.

    The assembly version of the bill has passed everything it needs and is now before the assembly for a final floor vote.

    Closer than ever before, lets keep our fingers crossed.
  15. I'm so stoked.

  16. Any idea when?

    btw....thanks for spending time to research! I don't even know where to start!:yay:You rock amigo!
  17. Desid, you can look up the bills on the NY Legislature's website, assembly.state.ny.us

    The session only has about 5 days left...I'm getting worried.
  18. Okay, so I checked it out, and I have no idea what it all means! Go figure, I haven't even packed and blazed yet!
  19. Honestly, the NY Legislature is playing power games, and this likely will be caught up with other bigger fish (NYC's mayoral control of schools, etc). Fucking legislature is a joke. Golisano bought it; he should be jailed.

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