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NY legalization update

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by DJRedeye, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Earlier today the bill successfully went through the Codes committee and was referred to the Ways and Means committee.

    We're one step closer!

    If you want to keep updated on info about the bill, use this link Bills

    I've been checking that page religiously for updates since the bill was referred to codes. Will continue doing so until our buds (pun intended) the democrats pass the bill :hello:
  2. how many more steps are there?

    Cant wait..
  3. I wish I knew. Since Spano is a cosponsor of the bill (hes my rep) I may give his office a call sometime this week and see what info I can get.
  4. I'm really really hoping that this passes. NY needs it.
  5. Legalization as in legal recreationally or just medically legal?
  6. Hey, have you guys seen this ironic statement in the bill?

    So the DEA and the FDA say its ok to take a pill with thc in it as long as it comes from the drug
    manufacturers, but its not ok to use thc in its natural form? How ironic and retarded is that logic?
  7. The legislative session ends really soon. They better vote on this.
  8. I just wish it was outlined what committees this thing has to go through to be finally approved. I had been thinking codes was the last one until I saw it was referred to ways and means, which I believe deals with taxes and other monetary issues or something.
  9. That synthetic bullshit doesnt contain the natural cannabinoids needed for all of its benefits, they only made that as an excuse to try and patent cannabis, because since drug companies can not patent a plant, they think there is no money in it. But there could still be privatly owned businesses that put there own label on cannabis and they could patent the name.
    Also ways and means is how they got cannabis illegal in the first place, they knew hemp farmers would protest against the ban so they bypassed all the systems where they needed to give reason for what they were doing
  10. NY needs this
  11. haha I jst love the hypocracy of the U.S. Government there pathetic
  12. i'm from westchester too...what exactly is spano's job? state senator?
  13. He's the county executive of westchester county. My birthday is the same day as his :p
  14. I've always been disappointed in NORML.

    Stopped supporting them a long time ago.

    In thirty years they've done nothing really .
  15. Nice!

    I live in New York with my mother, and she has lung cancer. She would benefit so much from this!
  16. Haha my parents and grandma all have health issues that would greatly benefit from marijuana, and even though I've convinced them that it isn't bad for you, I'm pretty positive none of them would be willing to try it. Maybe if I can convince their doctors it would be good for them...
  17. Well, I already smoke with my mother, so I know it would benefit her. It helps her with pain.
  18. *Update* 06/08/2009 referred to Rules

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