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NY Hazes

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by mop93, May 11, 2011.

  1. Picked up both of these from the Bronx recently. 400/zip each. They were both called haze but as anyone from new york will tell you, there are many many different hazes floating around new york city at a given time. Haze is simply what people call sativa dom bud typically, fluffy and hairy, and without the kush or sour smell. The second is a definite great example of NYC Piff, and anybody from ny would instantly know the strong chemically pine haze smell that stinks up the room and crazy red hairs, and the other is a pretty dank no name by boy called Hawaiian haze.

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  2. cool beans man,have fun with all that bud :smoking:
  3. Good shit man.

    I fucking love that NYC haze. There's really nothing like it
  4. Ring a ding ding!

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  5. gotta love that NY haze!
  6. damn! i need to find better dealers in nyc man!! this shit is goooood... greenwich village is my place tho.

    keep tokin
  7. haze is a strain man look it up. atleast i tink..
  8. cool! I'm going to college in Brooklyn in August so I see what I get to look forward to!

  9. Yes it is. but in ny, the way it's sold by name on the street is diff then in a mmj club. If it's a floral/fruity/tropical smelling sativa it gets titled haze, the nYC haze being a rare cut of unknown origins that the dominicans have been pushing for years. If you go to the bronx this is what theyre pushing. If it's a strong skunky indica it gets titled kush and the diesely sativas the sours. Basically within these categories are various strains, but they usually get sold as 'jamaiican haze' when it's really kali mist or 'himalayan kush' when its really some random indica cross.
  10. Nice haul.

    Weed names and strain identification are getting more and more complicated with every passing day. :)
  11. Looks dank, been getting some really great stuff consistantly here on LI. NY has its flow going on, hopefully nobody big messes up any time soon.

    enjoy that :D :bongin:

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