NY gov cuomo wants to legalize it within 100 days of his new term

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by mbajohn1990, Dec 18, 2018.

  1. NY could very likely legalize marijuana in the near future. The dems control the state assembly and senate and cuomo is supportive of it. NJ was in a similar situation last year and they have not been able to legalize it yet. Their govenor also made a 100 day pledge.
  2. I LOVE NY!!!
  3. N.Y. has taxed cigarettes into oblivion, the revenue stream from MJ will be more than they can resist.
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  4. I wish cigs never existed. terrible addiction lost so many to it
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  5. On the norml website they were talking on legal around April
  6. Just last year, Cuomo characterized cannabis as a “gateway drug” and opposed the legalization of recreational marijuana. But this year, the governor commissioned the New York Department of Health to study the issue. In a report released in July, the department concluded that “taxing and regulating marijuana far outweighs any potential negative consequences.” The report recommended that the recreational use of cannabis be legalized for adults and projected state tax revenues of more than $1.3 billion per year.

    Politicians just see another cash cow waiting to be milked.
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  7. Just another Cuomo I don’t care I’m in it for me politician

    Seen it before. Worse lol with his dad
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  8. Yeah Murphy made a 100 day pledge too but we saw where that went. I'll believe it once it actually gets a vote, they have made a lot of promises in NJ and while there has been some progress it is taking a lot longer than expected.
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  9. Cuomo wants it legalized thanks to the progressive primary he faced this year. Keep up the political pressure, looks like it ensured marijuana legalization for yall.
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  10. So is it gonna be legal or not? I’m gonna do what I’ve been doing regardless though lol
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  11. It will likely be legalized within the next two years. The senate and assembly will have elections in two years and there will be pressure to legalize it while they still have control
  12. nah it will never sit that long. To have dispensaries open, you bet. People would be surprised on how many people within the assembly and senate actually want legalization. They have the $$$ floating above their heads.
  13. Long as they get it done and get it done reasonably in a similar restriction fashion to alcohol at worst, I'm fine with however it gets done.
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  14. Im in Illinois and our new Gov is wanting to beat Michigan to having open dispensaries.

    That said, I could see NY and Illinois having the highest priced, most taxes weed in the land.
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  15. I know it will take forever to actually see the full scale of legalization here in NY I just hope they get it right and legalize it before spring this year so growing isn't an issue anymore :laughing:
  16. theyre taking too many guns in NY
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  17. NY allowing grows? LOL

    They do not even allow flower atm. I doubt you will see grows, ever. (Legally)
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  18. But will they force employers to stop testing for weed ? For millions of us in the country it doesn’t matter unless our jobs are not on the table. And no I can’t just walk away from a 100K a year job with all the good benefits.
  19. Most likely there will still be drug testing, but in the future this will likely end as the trend continues towards legalization. One day weed will be treated the same as alcohol. Hopefully this is not far off.
  20. I sure hope so, in April 2019. Just spent $1400 on growing equip for my 1st indoor grow (almost $1600 counting seeds).

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