NY black weed or what.........????

Discussion in 'General' started by Giggle420, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. I have been out of goodbud for a couple of weeks.......but
    I have been going to guys that spend time on the streets.

    and these guys make so much CASH and spend all this time outside running up to cars. And they Advertise this black $10-15 bag ........................
    AndI have to say this SHIT uuhhhh is SHIT.
    These bags have been very damp, sometimes smell like the bud or rather shake was diluted in brandy or beer.

    What the hell is that all about. taste like shit.

    How do these guys stay in business?

    I like to say I have never seen a garden of Black.

    Check out what yourbuying before its too late $10-20
    at the end of the year add up to alot of money. on crap
    What can we do about this Fucking spreading problem?

    Are there any Buds that are black or is this weed fake then trreated .....

    The High last about 20min til about 435 terrible taste

    most ofthe time I rather smoke My Sun leaves in Veg cycle.

    Any COMMENTS anyone!!!!
  2. alot of people will take weed that has been grown really bad or even what we like to call "roadside weed" and will spray it with ammonia, i have seen what ur talking about. its gross and most the time its so damn damp you cant even smoke it. STAY AWAY!!
  3. golden rule of smoking:

  4. and always look atthe newspaper before you cross the traintracks

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