NY 47 / Northern Lights x Big Bud / 60 Wonder. Indoor Grow

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    Started with 4 seeds, only 3 made it. Right now I've got 1 60 Day wonder (had two), 1 Northern Lights x Big Bud, and 1 NY 47.

    Last night I transplanted them from their seedling containers into 1 gallon containers. They are currently under two 2 foot florecents, T5 (2000 lumens ea.)

    Soil Make-up: 4 Parts Top Soil, 1 Part Peat Moss, 1 Part Perlite, 1 Part Vermiculite.

    Grow Closet: One 250 Watt HPS/MH Conversion, One 150 Watt HPS, Four T5 Florescents (will be used later for supp lighting). 95 CFM Exhaust, 12" x 4" Australian Carbon filter (exhausts into attic). Walls lined with reflective film picked up at local hydro store.

    Video Preview of grow closet: Grow closet setup - YouTube

    Photos at Day 6:

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  2. I know I said I'd only be updating once a week but I think I may have a small problem with my NY 47. The first set of leave had some light burn, so I raised the lights and that solved that. Which was weird, only the NY 47 burned but the 60 Wonder and NLxBB did not. hmm

    Day before yesterday was their first watering since transplanting to 1 gal containers. I tested the run off water's PH, it was about 8.4 So I did a little reading here, people recommend flushing the soil to help 'clean' it. So I did, a ran about 2 gallons through each plant with distilled water. Then I gave them a drink of tap water with some veg booster (pure blen pro gro 3-2-4), this was their first feeding ever. I tested the run off again and I was down to ~7.8 PH. So I think that helped? let me know what you guys think here.

    So to the problem, the leaf tips of the NY 47 are pointing upwards (see photos, left to right, NY47, NLxBB, 60 W), I've read this could be due to a heat issue? That would make sense since it was the only one that burned, in turn causing this? What do you guys think here, any advice would be helpful (I am a newbie grower so I need help )

    The other plants look great to me, nice and green.

    Also I'm running my lights 24/0, I'll be switching to 18/6 on Monday for the veg stage.

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    Day 14 (Week 2)

    Week 2 Update:

    The NY 47 has definite scars from light burn, the 60 Day Wonder looks like it was about to burn. The NLxBB looks to be doing the best, no light burn, aggressive growth

    I did change the soil in the NY 47 & 60 DW, the run off before changing the soil was around 8.0-8.2 pH, so doing tons of research, I finally made up a batch of new soil.

    New soil batch:

    4 Parts top soil
    1 Part Perlite
    .5 Part Vermiculite
    1 Cup Sulfur (bought at home depot in garden section)

    The runoff of this soil makeup was 7.4-7.5, which is much more desirable, I also read that the sulfur will over time help maintain a lower pH as it dissolves with waterings. So hopefully the pH will drop a little lower over the next couple weeks. I'm shooting for a range of 6.8-7.2. I'm getting there. If anyone has criticism good/bad on this let me know.

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  4. Here we are with Day 51 update. Things look great. Let me know if you have any pointers.

    Day 51 Video Update
  5. 60 Day Wonder, Day 53 (Bud pic) :D

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  6. Nice little grow!

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