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NW/Purple Permashark, Mango Diesel-208

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by *dmoney/208*, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. #1 *dmoney/208*, Oct 26, 2013
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    How goes it, blades? It's been too long since I've done a pickup thread/smoke report, so I figured today was the day after I grabbed this shit yesterday.
    First up is the Purple Permashark, which i'm told is Purple PermaFrost x Great White Shark.
    The nugs are super dense, frosty, with a huge amount of purple/lavender throughout the bud. It smells very floral, yet with a skunky/musty/citrus dankness undertone when the buds are broken open. I'm very much guestimating this ratio, but it feels like an 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid. The head high is SO instant, and so unbelievably strong with this dank! I know beginner smokers, and smokers in general with a low tolerance would overshoot it to the point of being uncomfortably high and paranoid on this bud, because, shit, that is exactly what happened to me the first time I ever picked up Permafrost back in 2010. :smoking: Either way, smooth smoke, it does have some chron/lung expanding harshness on massive rips, but much smoother than most purp strains I smoke. This batch burns to a clean white ash, but burns nice, evenly, and slow. As far as potency is concerned, this is easily one of the most 1 hit-quit strains I've had all year. I fucking LOVE IT!!!!  verdict: 10/10
    Next, we have one of my all time favorites, Mango Diesel, which, again, I've been told the cross used was Mango Kush x ECSD, which is all good in the hood with me. :ey: These buds are, again, very dense, frosty, but not quite the blinding white of the PPS, but still dank as all fuck off. The coloring is interesting on the nugs, with a darker green shade,  pink hairs, and some golden, frosty spots on some of the denser spots of the buds, topped off with small patches of dark purple. The smell is fucking orgasm caliber dankity, you'll literally want this shit made into cologne. Another 1 hit-quit variety, this has a much deeper Indica aspect to the high than the PPS does. Great for back/neck pain, relaxtion, but it doesn't immediately put you to sleep, which Is how I prefer my Indica. So, all in all, I guess a 60/40 sativa dominant. The head high is very buzzy, giggly, and long lasting. One thing, though, I noticed very quickly that munchies are guaranteed with this strain. As far as the smoke, the taste is amazing, like a mix of juicy overripe mango, skunk/fuel, and incense. Smells beautiful in the air when burned, and would turn any shitty day into the funnest chill time ever. Ah, the wonders of the PNW :yay:  verdict10/10
    I hope the pics are good, the first 5 are the Permashark, next 3 are Mango Diesel, 9th picture is a group shot of Permashark nuggage on my cigs, and the last 2 are some great stoned scenery from my backyard. FYI, before it is asked, I picked up nearly a half ounce of the Permashark, and an 1/8th of the Mango Diesel, and I think its all Washington grown, so yes, I have more in the stash than whats pictured. Stay tuned, may have another one up tonight, tell me what you think blades!!!
    jah./*d$*  :hippie:


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  2. Good buds,
    I wouldn't have to BUY it If I have back yard like yours.
  3. Buds look beautiful man
  4. #4 *dmoney/208*, Oct 28, 2013
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    thanks dudes. :hello:  I love this shit, both strains, pure and simple. The pictures aren't shit compared to how fucking frosty this nugget is in person. If you ever come across Permafrost, or any cross with it, get it. You will not be disappointed, lol. I'm drunk and high as fuck right now. Although I work tomorrow, lol. The Mango diesel turns out to be amazing  wake & bake/morning weed, too. couple hits before work sets the day off to a good start! :bongin:
  5. About a year ago me and a buddy scored a fresh pound of Permafrost.... To this date some of the most trich covered Bud I've ever seen.
  6. bud looks good and so do the mountains. noticed the blue moon cap as well, great way to celebrate a nice pu  :hello:

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