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NW/Purple Cin-X, Citrus Haze - 208

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by *dmoney/208*, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. How goes it, GC? Picked up a 1/4 today of some of the best the area has at the moment, this was grown in Washington. It originated in/near Seattle, I'm told.:cool:

    The Citrus is on the left (Darker green with purple), with the Cin-X on the right (light green with white, orange and purple). last picture is a herb bottle picture of the Cin-X, you can see the keif on the sides that came from me just putting it in there.

    I also grabbed some Blueberry Sour Diesel, but didn't get the chance for a picture :(

    Out of the two, the Purple Cin-X is my fave, especially for its medical properties. It REEKS of Skunky laundry detergent and spicy beef jerky. You couldn't make this up, gc. The smell stays on almost anything you touch after you touch the nugs. Clear, peaceful high, but super potent and relaxing overall at the same time. 9/10

    The Citrus Haze is new to me. I've heard the name before, but never had come across it until today. It has such a strong Lemon Pine-Sol/Menthol scent to it.:eek: It has a very, very intense head high, but has still got a little body/muscle relaxing ability, as well. I give this one 8.5/10:smoke:

    p.s- i'm new to herb pictures, so don't flame too much.

    ---Keep it chron----

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  2. looks dank, nice snag
  3. yummmmm, my mouth is watering
  4. i hope you have more of that.

    that looks like an eighth to me or a weeeeek 1/4

  5. The first 2 pictures are just a couple nugs from each 1/8th, not the whole thing.
    I have moooore nugs where that came from! :hello:

    Thanks edible and iluvatar, this is some great herb. I wish I could share :smoke:
  6. Thanks for sharing your Washington pick up ! :wave: looks nice
  7. thank you! Washington has great medical.:p

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