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  1. hello all,,,,

    this may make some of you smile and even laugh a little:D ,hope it does,but it is a genuine problem that i have and the idea i have to solve it

    ok so here goes,,,my problem is that my plants are easily 5ft (1500mm) talland im running out of height,,im quite happy with the ammount of bud sites as it is my first grow,i know now that i should never have let them get so big before flowering,also they are 2 weeks into flowering,

    so my idea to solve my problem,has any 1 heard of any 1 doin a 5ft-6ft scrog?;) its a bit nuts i know but cant think of any other way to solve it,

    if any 1 has any better ideas or advice i would welcome them:wave:
  2. im in the same boat as u are i got 3 out of control verticales myself,,,,,, ones a lst,,,, ones a sog plant[ real short],, this is what i did,,,and it exposed my budsites up top real good to the light,, i distanced them close toghter [ not too close] just enough to where i was getting a good light penetration on the lower canopy,,,[ i havent topped or no pruning to these verticals] i took all 3 tops and loosely tied them togheter to where one would pull the other over,,,and that one would pull the other over,,,[ sort of like a living tressel],,,,now these 3 are now permenent in there location,,, due to the tying,,,they can no longer be moved or repositioned,,,,i got 5 plants total ,,,,, 3 vertical,,,,,, it seems to be working fine,,, as far as covering up a error goes,,,,and to tell the truth,,, i got better light on my lower branches than i did before,,so its all good,,,,,,,, future reference,,,,, i wont be growing vertical again,,, not inside that is....;)
  3. I would try to bend the new branches or just top it A LOT! lol there always is the option of cutting half the plant and sending it to me?
  4. I don't think that scrog idea is going to work. Your main stem wants to grow up and should be pretty sturdy by now, I don't see it being anywhere near flexible enough to weave through a screen.

    You could try something I did on my first grow when I had the same problem -- over-vegged for my cab height and ended up running out of vertical space during flower. It's basically a late-stage form of LST. But, I caution that trying this could result in snapping your main stem if you are not careful, so proceed at your own risk.

    OK, on my first grow I did no training or pruning, I just wanted to grow something without getting fancy. As I realized my plant was going to grow into the light I decided I would try to train it to grow a bit sideways late in the game, like this:

    Get a thick cotton string and tie it around the main stem, well down from the top perhaps one-third of the way down. Then gently bring the main stem down a little bit only about 5-10, then tie it off. After a couple of days the stem should have adapted to the new position, so untie it at the bottom and put a little bit more tension on it, bending it slightly more, and tie it off again. Over the course of a couple of weeks, if all goes well your main stem will now be trained to be growing at about a 60 angle. The top above where the string is on the stem will have adjusted to be growing pretty much straight up. The branches will have started to move around to the side of the plant that is getting all the light. You can tie some of the branches on the sides to bring them around more into full light.

    Then, to really maximize the effect, you can hang your light on the same 60 angle, so most of the plant all up and down the main stem is getting equal light intensity. Trim a few fan leaves on the light side as needed to allow light penetration and allow all the fan leaves on the "down" side to stay.

    If done right you can end up with a plant growing on an incline that is taller soil-to-top than the actual height available in the cab -- think about it, your cab has more distance from corner to corner than from top to bottom. In the process you have given all the branches much better, direct, and closer light. And by having a "down" side to the plant you can leave a lot more fan leaves than you might otherwise with light from straight above, and while they may not be getting much direct light they still can harness the power of photosynthesis to keep fueling the flower growth.

    I've been meaning to start a thread on this idea and now here is the gist of it. What started as an act of desperation ended up working out very well for me, actually boosted my yield way over what I was tracking before I did it because I got about 15 branches developing really good bud clusters. Ended up looking like an incline ramp of buds.

    Curious what others think of this idea.

    [Edit:] P.S. my plant was under 3' and a few days into flower when I started this.
  5. So is it safe to lst/trim small amounts during flowering? Or will the stress cause hermies or less protient product?
  6. hi:hello: ,chicken,red tag & toastybiz thanks for replying and giving me some great ideas to solve my little problem,or not so little as the case maybe,

    its good to hear im not the first to do this and a can pretty much garantee i wont be the last,,lol

    will be taking bits from all of your ideas and put them into good use,,,well apart from sending you half my plant red tag,lol:D

    toastybiz,,i appreciate you goin to all that time and effort to write that up in such detail as well,,its a great help

    il try and get some pics for you all too see how it goes,btw the plants are nearing 6ft ,,,wont be making this mistake again,

    thanks again all:wave:
  7. I'm not making any generalizations. Sorry, just don't want to be responsible in anyone's mind for snapping the main stalk late in the game. I did what I did out of necessity and it worked out with no problems, no hermie buds.

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