Nut's 400w Grow White Widow/Super Silver Haze

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by CannibisNut, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. :wave:
    Some of you fellow blades know of my last grow!

    This is my grow with legit strains! WW/SSH :cool:

    Same setup as last time

    1 400w mh/hps (wing reflector),Electronic dimmable ballast

    2 6in inline f,ans

    1 12 in fan cooling the hood

    Just started soaking my seeds!

    Hope everyone likes the show!! :smoking:

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  2. there we go :)
  3. Subbed like a motherfucker bitches...
  4. :wave::hello:

    Glad to have you guys along!!!!

  5. Subbed. Interested in both of these strains.

  6. Yo what part of texas? and good to have ya bro!!:wave:
  7. Well guys i found out last night im going back to Texas for 2wks after i harvest my current grow! Thank god i didn't drop these seeds! I literally was 2 seconds from dropping them when my wife informed me lol

    So this journal will be dead till i get back from my trip!

    Got a score to settle in Texas this will be fun!!!
  8. No bueno man.. i was lookin forward to comparisons... oh well...
  9. i might go ahead and start been looking into a auto watering device. Never heard of them but my buddy told me about it. Supposed to hold up to 15 gallons? Any of you ever heard of them?
  10. After going through the trouble of obtaining good seeds, it would be unwise IMO, to take a chance on the auto watering device (or something else) failing.

    I would just wait. The seeds will still be there when you get back.
  11. Im with this guy... we can wait
  12. I got talked outta auto waterer on here also... personally setting one up next grow..
  13. subbed - super silver dayuumm
  14. Uh oh, wheres nut? NNNUUUUUTTTTTT......

  15. I'm floating around bro!:smoking:

    Working on my veg cab waiting on everything to come in fans,light,etc. Decided to cancel the trip to TX. Going to start as soon as i get everything in!:hello:

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