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  1. Alright so basically i want to reduce body fat without losing muscle. I read to eat 12 calories for every pound so I weigh 165 so I'd be at like 1980 calories.

    Is 1980 calories a day too little?

    and do I have to add calories to compensate for burnt off calories from exercise?
  2. well, my trainer always told me not to factor in any exercise i did to my total calorie intake for the day...

    when i started training in feb i was 24% body fat.. (im 18% now)

    for my measurements it came out to nutrient breakdown for the day.. which. once you figure out about what you need.. hitting the calories isn't hard to do

    in my case i need

    200g carbs
    <30g of fat
    250-275g protein
    roughly 2300 cals

    i do 30 min of cardio 5-6x a week
    i train for 30min 4-5x a week

    hope that helps a lil bit
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    Those macros sound way off

  4. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water doing cardio and toning exercises.

    High protein, medium/low complex carbohydrate consumption/low quality fats.

    Lots of fruits and veggies, do not eat within 2-3 hours of going to bed.

    Glass of water before bed and upon waking up.
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    Way off for what? It has worked great for me so far

  6. how did you go about finding them?
    im 150 lbs and my macros are:
    200g protein
    85g fat
    320g carbs

    its hard to tell w/o knowing your stats, but i can say that your fat intake is without a doubt too low

  7. Apologies for the interruption, I'm just trying to understand all these numbers (v. confusing)... But wouldn't the fact that he started out at a whopping 24% body fat mean he needs much less fat in is current diet than you do (i'm guessing you're around 8%)? Maybe once he gets down to his target size the diet would be reconfigured? I need your help with my own diet, but these numbers just make my head spin! Please to help me too? 5'6", approx 115-120 lbs, body fat approx 18%, also I'm a girl. thx!

  8. id do it for you but i have 2 finals starting in 2 hours that i need to study for. however, its just a matter of plugging in the numbers:
    Calculating Calorie Needs and Macronutrients - Forums

    if you run in to any general problems with understanding it (i wouldnt blame you, it confused the hell out of me the first time i read it) feel free to pm me, although if its very specific you'd be even better off making an account on that forum and posting the question yourself. the person who made that thread has alot of credentials and really knows her stuff, and could probably help you out alot better than some college student on a weed-smoking forum :rolleyes:

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