Nutrition deficit-white holes

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  1. Hi, everyone say that my leaves are damaged from spider mites. But i didnt see any spider mites or webs. My white little dots increase in to little holes. Dots will appear immediately on new top leaves. I read that with deficit of Mg that can happend. Please for help or i will lose my sanity.

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  2. I read that with deficit of Mg that can happen?

    You have the curse of the WHITEFLY

    Whitefly - Wikipedia

    what gives this fly away is the randomness of the dots

    is nothing to do with (Mg).deficiency

    I use cold pressed Neem Oil

    half a teaspoon to a pint sprayer

    add warm water shake and spray 2 x day for 3 days is good

    then 2 times per week as a general defense

    good luck
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  3. In which sore i can buy it. Shipment from amazon takes 1 month.
  4. I got mine from lowes. Try looking anywhere with a gardening section

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  5. see your local garden store also maybe called

    azamax or azadectin

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