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  1. OK this is kinda a silly question, but im learning...withe regards to FoxFarm nutrients, when its time to use Grow Big liquid plant food, do you add it in with the Big Bloom liquid plant food? or use them in separate gallons on different days???
  2. NO, you want to start with the grow big for the vegetative stage. the veg stage is when your lights are on for 24hours or 18hours a day. Depending on how tall you can grow them in the space that you have (height of your room). You usually want to trigger flowering(switch to 12hours on and 12 hours off) when your plants are about 1/3 of the height that you want them to finish at. They will now be in the flowering stage where they will start to produce buds, this is when you should start to use the big bloom.

    The grow big is for veg and the big bloom is for flowering

  3. I appreciate the reply, but that doesnt answer my question....:confused:
  4. The answer is no, you do not mix them in the same gallon you dont even use them at the same time.
  5. i only ask bcause the schedule says week 3....GB 3tsp>gal and BB 2tbl>gal
  6. I believe when they say week 3 for the grow big it meens week 3 of veg stage. When they say week 3 for big bloom they meen week 3 of flowering stage.
  7. damn u jus went and dropped a big ass puzzle piece in my lap.....thanx... one more than bro, it says its ok to ue big bloom during entire process/cycle is this true???
  8. If it says to use both then it should be ok just be sure to follow what it says on the bottle. If anything its better to start off using half the recommended dose then gradually work your way up to full dose . I didnt use both at the same time but im gonna check the back of my bottle and get back to you
  9. nah it dont say use both but the way the FF schedule is set up it appears that they say use both......yeah do that check that ff schedule and get back with me plz i appreciate it
  10. OK just checked it , on my bottle of big bloom it says to start first application at the peak of veg stage when they show the firt sign of bud this will be shortly after(1-2 weeks) you change your lights to 12hours on and 12hours off


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