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  1. They are 2 months old from seed. Been using Bkack Magic soil. When should I start with nu?tes?

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  2. Should have started right out of Germination first week of veg
  3. I was scared. First time using good soil. Thank you. 1 teaspoon per gallon to start? Thank you
  4. How do they look?
  5. Very light to start - and build up slowly
    Give the most in the first week of bloom and then decrease do a PK boost the last couple of weeks of bloom and then a pure water flush the last week - always comes out good
  6. Thank you again.
  7. I hrow using Black Magic soil aswell. The soil itself is good for 1 month of veg. The soil already contains plenty of nutrients.

    I start my plants with 1/2 TSP of Fox Farm Grow big while in veg. But use half strength to start. Black Magic is a great soil.

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