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  1. Hey guys. Just ordered nutrients and it should arrive tomorrow. I got it here: EHG Nutrient Kit - Online Hydroponics Shop

    Before anyone says that I should have gotten a different brand from amazon or something, 2 nutrient kits I found on amazon for about $30 costs about $200 extra for shipping, tax and import duties for me. So I cannot get those. This was my only option.

    Anyway, it says in the kit there are "bloom", "grow", and "micro". So I'm guessing I use grow for veg stage, bloom for flowering, and what about Micro? What is micro used for..? Can someone help me out? I always used pellet fertiliser and it has always worked. But now this is my first time using liquid nutrients and I am so confused lol.

  2. Micro is your micro nutes like calcium, magnesium with usually lower doses of npk... imo maybe somebody will explain it better

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  3. Oh ok. So I must always use it? Whether I am in veg or flowering?
  4. What the ingredients in the micro?if it's like bat guano worm castings kelp extract you can use it for both flowering and vegging
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  5. From their site:

    Micro Contains:

    Nitrogen N 50.3g/kg

    Potassium K 16.7g/kg

    Calcium Ca 52,7g/kg

    Zinc Zn 117.7mg/kg

    Copper Cu 13mg/kg

    Molybdenum Mo 6,5mg/kg

    Iron Fe 957mg/kg

    Boron B 242mg/kg

    Manganese Mn 242mg/kg
  6. Yeah whenever you get a calcium deficiency or something you'd might wanna add 1/4str of that or something and go from there... it really just depends on your soil as to when you'll have to feed.

    Grow journal
  7. Use small doses in veg
  8. And what about flowering? I am not too sure because of the high nitrogen..
  9. You shouldn't need it in flowering
  10. Unless deficiencies arise
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