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  1. Good morning people! Here are my 4 critical Kush and one sour diesel critical Kush 4 weeks since they broke the surface and sour diesel is 3 weeks. Already in all mix soil, gonna go get some supplies today, what would be a good strength nutrient to give them? Quarter or half or none cos it's in the all mix soil already. Thanks in advance[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. General Hydroponics Floranova Bloom. Best single bottle for raising cannabis there is. 4-8-7 4% calcium 2% magnesium. Feed small plants at 3-4 ml/gallon. Larger veg plants feed 4-6ml/gallon. Budding plants get 6-8ml's gallon, done.
  3. That looks good but I'll have to try that one next time as I've already got some nutrients. Thanks for the link mate

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