nutrients that do not require mixing with water?

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  1. is there anyway i can give a marijuana plant the nutirents it needs wtihout giving it water? my plants are outdoors and they are really hard to bring jugs and jugs of water too, so im wondering is there anyway to keep plants fed without mixing nutes into water?

    they get plenty of rain here in south carolina, just a huge bitch to bring back a bunch of jugs of water.

    perhaps something i can put on top of the soil to be washed down by the rain?

    or maybe something i can just mix inside the soil?

    thanks for the input guys
  2. Just use some powered ferts for Roses and go lite with them. Wait until it rains to give more.

  3. so i can use powered ferts throughout the entire grow? and just apply before or during rain??

    any brands recommendations?

  4. How much money do you plan to spend on this crop. You could just go to Lowe's and get some cheap stuff or go to your LGS and get some good stuff.
    Set a goal and go for it...
  5. money is not an issue, the best quality would be nice.

    im kinda confused tho can you explain to me how these powdered ferts work? the same for veg and bloom?

  6. Money is not an issue. You need to buy some of my nutes made just for this type of grow....

    Powered are basically the same as liquid with the water removed. You have to realize that if you just put it on and leave it some will blow away and the animals will have a field-day. Do it just before a rain or put some power in a bottle of water before you go on your walk.
  7. dam i wish i knew about this powered (do you mean powdered?) nutes before i started this grow!
    what are some good brands to use and where can i find them at? best quality if possible
  8. Well the thing with powder is it requires dilution. If you put it straight on it it will most likely kill it or hurt it severely. All powered is is nutes with water removed.

    There very concentrated. Think about it say 1 tablespoon of it per gallon of water..then when you stir you dissolve it and its spread equally in the water. Rain wont do that.

    Part of the business is the pain in the ass it is to grow.
  9. How far is your grow from the nearest water source?
  10. Yea i think OP's problem is getting water to his plants. Rain alone won't do it.
  11. Why not foliar feed? You would only need a sprayer bottle so you wouldn't be carrying jugs of water.
  12. Better to spread compost and organics such as kelp meal or an all-in-one organic feed, than to dump dried chems on top of the soil. How will you control the ratio of chems to water? Will you be able to feed with chems regularly after killing off the beneficial fungi and microbes that have been feeding your plant all along?

    Seems to me like you've got a guerilla grown with limited access, as opposed to a backyard grow where you can tend to them regularly. Organics are most suitable for you, as it is a "set and forget" method of growing, whereas chems require you to monitor ratios, ph, and regular feedings. Sort of the opposite of what you're looking for.

  13. For Foliar feeding to be effective only via on the leaves you must do it much more frequently then direct root/soil application. Only a certain percentage is actually absorbed rest runs off.

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