Nutrients/supplements. Am I doing it right?

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  1. I have 6 sour diesel in their first flower, & 2 mom's in veg. Soil. Eveeythibg in 3 gal pots. For veg: I'm using botannicare CNS17, Silica, CalMag.
    For Flower: I'm using Botannicare Pure Blend Pro, silica, and cal mag.
    Went though my first harvest ok, learned a lot. Now I'm on my 2nd round and I wanted to boost things up. I purchased a bottle of earth juice molasses, Terpinator, and Herculean Harvest to add to my mix. Can anyone recommend how to add these products, and are all 3 good in veg for moms, as well as flower? I tend to overfeed with nutrients so I usually use the lower end of the dosage instructions, however I have been feeding with every watering and just learned that this wasn't correct. So now I'm thinking of feeding with most watering and just flush with some plain (proper ph) water every 2 weeks or so? Or more often? Or less? The molasses says to only use it every 4 weeks, would it be OK to add that and herculean harvest to the flush water or is that too much? I have read all of the I structures and see all of the feeding charts for these products. I was hoping someone with experience could advise me.
    I'll post some pics of my grow, but I want to add that being my first grow, and not realizing sour diesel was a long flower cycle, I over vegged my plants so for being in the first week of flower they are way too big. I know. Live and learn! [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Let me also add that I did have an issue with fungus gnats and powder mildew at the end of my last harvest. I have azamax but have not used it yet.

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