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  1. After getting a male, 1st attempt in 3 years, I'm at the start over point. I started out with just 1 plant to get it "down" and going to move on to bigger things. I dont want to get myself a month or 2 down the road and run into more trouble then i need.

    I have read alot into soil/soilless solutions and nutrients to use as well. I do however have some questions. Are nutrients for hydroponics the same one's that can be used in soil? If no, how do you know which ones are OK in soil? I also decided to go with a nute free grow medium. The first two grows i had used miracle grow for tomatoes, and never ran into a problem with nute burn early on, but i'd rather do it the right way and do it the best possible. I've got a good idea on the soil..but the nutrients to use/when to use is a little overwhelming at first...any tips?
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    Hydroponically grown plants and those grown in soil need the same basic nutrients. There are at least two major differences between hydro & soil fertilizations, aside from ideal pH.

    First, fertilizers leave residues in hydroponic systems. This scum can cause problems ranging from harmful bacteria to clogging pumps, sprayers and similar equipment. In soil grows, however, these leftover substances are spread throughout the soil where air can reach them to prevent stagnation and harmful microorganisms. They end up breaking down naturally like a compost and can actually help the plants in the process. Fertilizers made for hydro should be designed to avoid this problem.

    The second difference is that hydro nutrients need to supply absolutely everything the plants need. In soil grows, there are microorganisms constantly degrading plant matter & fertilizers to release a number of beneficial nutrients. This is part of why with hydro there is both more precise control over nutrient intake and more difficulty for the grower to get it just right.

    Hydro fertilizers can be used in soil without any worries, but it may not work as well the other way around.
  3. if you get the right ferts its not hard to mess up. just read the bottle and follow it. i use the line up of earth juice. cheap, very good, easy to use, and very forgiving. it is very hard to burn your plants up with organic ferts. but then again there are some soil mixes on here where all you have to do is water your plant the whole grow. check out the organic section for more info. and MG is just shit fert. countless posts with people using MG and fucking their plants up so dont feel bad
  4. ya the first ever ( in Highschool) my friend bot some like 18 month time release MG and also the blue pellets to disolve into a gallon jug (turned it all blue) and was giving it to them every other watering (his shit his house) ill stay out of it to stop fighting lol but i dont want that taste.

    Im really debating between FF and your suggestion, need to do some reseach. Is the earth juice line up that 3 step system i have seen?

    Thank you everyone for input, essential for anyone trying to get to the pro level.

    Everyone is respectful and understanding (most likely they have been there done that!)

    i love passing knowledge and i would love to MOD this site someday!

    Great forum. one of the best community and support out of any -- ESPECIALLY WITHOUT FLAMING!! with somethign as involved as this. people WILL have questions. If you did it your first time and ran into no issues god bless!
  5. The earth juice amazon bloom is your soil medium correct? no nutes and organic. I kinda want to stay with one company and see how it works, then try FF.

    Pink bear, i sent a message to you i dont know if it went through or not. This relates to you though.

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