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    So I'm almost out of these hydroponics. Plants been doing very well for a first time growing with no knowledge in this hobby. Recently diagnosed with K deficiency so switching from miracle grow (I know, I learned it's bad soil lol) to coco coir with perlite. Using 1/4th normal nutes to flush the plant once I transfer soils.

    So my questions: what nutes would you recommend for my next purchase?

    And switching from miracle grow to coco coir-- is there any important transfer rules for this?

    Any inside would be great![​IMG]

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  2. For coco I recommend the 'h3ad' formula. It's general hydroponic's - 6ml micro, 9ml bloom, 1-2 ml calmag per gallon, ph'd at ~5.8

    It's a very simple formula that will give amazing results. You can fine tune the formula later, adding bloom boosters or cutting out some N in flower...but it's really not necessary. The plain 6/9/2 recipe has done great for me for years. I'd just recommend picking up a liter of micro, bloom, and calmag...You also need a ph meter if you don't have one..which includes the meter, ph down, and some 7.0 calibration fluid.
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  3. Thank you! Just ordered it

    Don't forget to bring a towel!
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  4. coco/ewc/perlite drain to waste 1 gallon of dyna-gro foliage pro every day. That's all.

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