Nutrients question for auto Northern Lights

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  1. I have two Northern Lights Auto Fem going right now. They are right at a week old from germination and around an inch or so tall. I have the three stage fox farm nutes. When should I start feeding them? TIA

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  2. @stayhigh42012
    I follow the Fox Farm Schedule.
    I start my seed in cups. At the same time, I prepare my soil.
    First, I saturate my medium with hot water.
    After the pots dry, I saturate them, again, using Fox Farm Grow Big.
    When the seedlings are ready to be transplanted, I put them into the already seasoned pots.
    The new roots grow into the fertilized soil. When the soil dries, I saturate it with water.
    Next time around, I fertilize it according to 'the schedule'... what ever week that is. I fertilizer every other watering.
    Many more people will come along with completely different methods.
  3. My god, look at all those chemicals and money.....
    Dirt or hydro?
    I feed hydro sprouts and clones 150 PPM's with RO water.
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  4. To think these new growers actually believe that crap
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  5. What do you suggest for new growers growing in soil?
  6. careful following that chart tooslow put up.....that is probably a great chart to follow if you are growing photo-periods....but the ppms on that chart is a bit too rich for autoflowers, from my experience

    The highest I ever go ppm wise with autos is about 800
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  7. Going organic :)

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  8. Yeah, that would be a great way to grow.....but just starting's VERY overwhelming.......trying to learn PH and PPMs and Umols and NPK etc.....most new growers won't be able to pack in a WHOLE different....quite long class of Organics...and how they bagged soil and a bottle with instructions is usually the preferred method by them
  9. Organic is easier. Good people on these boards to help in the organic forum. It's easy... mix up soil (you can start with a bagged soil as your base), add some earthworm poop, perlite, a few other things and just water. You don't have to worry about ph'ing your water, bottled nutrient ratios, and all of the other money-suck things. I converted last year and will never look back.

    Hydro can be fun, I'm sure, but I don't have the time for it.

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  10. i'll throw myself into this one. i've grown thousands of plants over the years...of stuff other than canna. im on my first try with this canna stuff :) mostly weird hot peppers.

    i eyeball cut ffof with 35-30% extra perlite. sometimes i throw in some bone meal or lime or both, whatever i have around. i guess what i mean to say is....if you set your soil right to start out, MOST IMPORtANTLY WITH GOOD DRAINAGE/AERATION, you should be alright. ymmv with the other things. you definitely do not need some uber-complicated feed schedule or salesman's chemicals. the whole point of growing in soil is to avoid that.

    if you are into mad scientist stuff as a first timer growing anything, may as well buy it all and build a big hydro rig that you will inevitably fuck up lol.
  11. Thats the thing....newbies don't know how to do that....and instead of learning or worrying about 3 bottles....they have to "worry about" or "learn about": kelp meal and what that does....bat guano and what that does, bone meal and what that does, EWC and what that does, manure and what that you see where I am going with it?

    I am NOT arguing....I wanted to throw that out there in case that wasn't known....I am just having a discussion!:love-m3j:
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  12. all good brother!!! i shouldve been more clear too - i was not jumping shit or saying "my way is right!!!"" at all - more just meant that it doesnt matter as much as people like to think it does. i mean if youre looking for a job in the field or something, i can see it. or if your hobby is to be a perfectionist, go for it. but you can generally just throw some shit together without fucking it up, as long as it drains alright. :) cheers man!
  13. Nonsense..this a guy picks stuff up just like in dwc,
    the easiest grow ever has to be...
    FFOF with 25% perlite
    more perlite if you intend to add your own nutes later
    many growers reuse the same mix over and over with little amending

    but then that said I'm testing some Kratky method DWC right now and is looking very good
    you can spend a grand on pumps and gear but reading Kratky for 3 mins may save you that $1000

    good luck
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  14. lol
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  15. @vostok check these out

    this is not me - just an another old pepper grower.
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  16. When it comes to seedlings, you don’t need to worry about adding nutes. I’m talking about soil though. Don’t over complicate things. Start with good soil and don’t overwater. And just let them do their thing. Oh and autos generally need less nutes. I use 1/4-1/2 of the recommended dosage.
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  17. Only 1 week old, i'd just add some quality dirt keeping it in a smaller sized container. When they're that small, I love to keep them in the backyard on these sunny days. Fresh air, quality dirt and the good ole sun, will help that baby flourish - you wont believe what she'll look like in about 10 days. Because you just added quality dirt, all you have to do is add plain water 6.5 Ph. If you wanted to put her in a bigger container with more quality dirt, just add water until shes ready to flip.

    Then you dont waste money on ferts that you really dont need yet.

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