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  4. Organic Dry Amendments

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    Wondering what I should go for in bloom. Have been using General Organics for veg and its decent but I've been looking into Earth Juice and Advanced Nutrients. Also, Gaia Green dry amendments as they are localish. I read this article and it got me thinking about bloom nutrients... Advanced Nutrients, Fox Farm, General Organics and more comparisons + Additives. The main reason for thinking of using dry amendments is getting a better taste at the end. I guess I can't really just rely on dry amendments because I can only top dress now. What do you guys think? 65562766_329631211283403_3511823775291146240_n.jpg

    Anyone have any experience using Hygrozime, Sensizyme, AN Big Bud and Catalyst and any Earth Juice products.

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  2. High P amendments in Bloom. I use Steamed Bone Meal and Seabird Guano top dressings. Guano's are a little hot so be easy on it.
    This is my Fruit Punch Auto with about 2-3 weeks to go. In early flower I top dressed bone meal and seabird guano about 3 weeks apart and have just watered ever since.

    Best of wishes

    20190629_201215.jpg 20190629_200935.jpg
  3. Get a container of Flower Fuel and a hardener like AN Overdrive for this run. Use the FF from week three of flower at 1/2, week 4 at 1/2, week 5 at full, week 6 at 1/2 and Overdrive at 1/2, week 7 Overdrive at full (No FF), week 8 flush.

    Next time with dry amendments, you can build yourself a vegging soil and a flowering soil. Transplant into appropriate sized pots at the right times, and they should get you through. If not, you can top dress but you have to be a couple weeks ahead of the game since nutrients aren’t immediately available.

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  4. Dry organic nutrients are you best bang for your buck. Like its not even close. If you mix up a good soil and top dress, your return on investment is unbelievable. 2 years ago I did the math and it ended up being around 1$ an ounce I paid overhead on my outdoor grow. Plus my stuff is way better than when I was using bottled nutrients. Ive set up whole my whole garden before for about $500 the whole season and yielded about 30lbs of great product.
  5. Awesome thanks for your replies. Also I'm def not transplanting anymore so will just top dressing me enough nutes? i was thinking it wouldnt be. Also I have some 1" x 1" fencing are those too small holes to use? i see everyone using 1" x 2" fencing.
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  6. I suggest ordering some nutrients from Royal Queen Seeds.

    They have a wide variety from Veg nutrients to Bloom nutrients, Check it out :p

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  7. Yes, top dressing will be enough. Especially if you get something that breaks down quickly. I like poultry manure, cow manure compost, worm castings, guanos etc. I would top dress once a week. Since you dont have these already in your soil, and have not been feeding organically throughout, I would still give small amounts of micro nutrients through bottled nutrient feeding until you finish. But the veg and bloom nutrients can be tossed imo. As for your fencing, I guess the bigger holes would be better, but thats not what I use. I use trellis netting around a wood structure. A lot of people use the fencing though with great results so its personal preference. I will add a pic below. Also I'll add a couple pics of buds Ive grown with just a weak organic soil and top dressing. 20190625_154754.jpg Screenshot_20170925-191353.png ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1444755816.408474.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1444755397.838249.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1444484929.900910.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1444484888.855877.jpg IMG_20170806_164054214.jpg
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  8. I see preflowers with pistils, does that mean if I have a 9 week strain that Ill be done in 9 weeks?

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