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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by snpny, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. Their is a hydrophonics store down in florida that sells everything the local grower needs to have a harvest fit for a champion. the store that will deliver it to you is the Indiana branch. check their site out, i just got my grow closet up and running. i have one side for bag seeds I from street sacks and the other side seeds from gypsy. my first grow just experimenting with shit.
  2. yeah I waited til i got back to school to see if my walls were white to save money on the mylar. and they were. So I decided to spilt it up into three bag seeds, hydro setup, and soil setup. I have more room than I thought get about 12 plants( buckets and pots) in my space. My school is right next to a large river. Would the soil be good enough to plant them in the woods also or it would be too wet for them.
  3. That soil by the river would be the best soil you could get... well watered well nutriented.. etc.. but one problem if people see you around there thats trouble... so hide well but make sure your plants get enough light... but yeah rivers ponds stuff like that has the best soil... keep me posted take some pictures of your babys.. hope all goes well!!
  4. Yeah I am tryna scope out the traffic flow around that area cuz there is a army base up river from my school and the coast guard is always flying around but not over our campus. To be honest I was gonna plant it right behind the football field their are like trails and shit that go back there only problem is rattlesnakes and shit like that.

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